Lin’s House – A Restaurant Review

By: Madison Miller |

Don’t want to leave your dorm to eat on the weekends? Try Lin’s House!

This Chinese restaurant is two minutes from campus, in the same shopping complex as Food Lion. The location is convenient for any college student who needs a quick meal.

The first time I ate here, I ordered delivery. It took around 20 minutes, which is not bad at all. When I called in the order, they had mentioned it would be about a 40-minute wait; they arrived in half the time.

The staff strives to get food to you quick, from what I can tell. The food was hot and fresh. I ordered chicken with garlic sauce garnished with a side of white rice. The garlic sauce was very well flavored, not spicy at all. The whole order was around $10, including the delivery fee.

More recently, I dined in at Lin’s. I was not sure what some items on the picture menu were, so I asked one of the workers, and he was quick to answer my questions. The restaurant was well lit with multiple seating options to choose from and decorated in cool décor.

I ordered sesame chicken with a side of white rice and a drink. I only waited eight minutes for my meal, and it was well-made when it arrived. The sesame chicken was perfectly topped with sesame seeds for an extra kick of flavor. The run-off sesame sauce graciously covered the white rice, making it even tastier.

The wait staff was helpful and came back to check-in about every ten minutes or so. The overall experience was great, and the dining atmosphere was simplistic and excellent. The staff was energetic, friendly, and helpful. The restaurant was very tidy and well kept up.

I highly recommend trying the chicken with garlic sauce or the sesame chicken.

The Tartan is not sponsored by Lin’s House. 

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Photo Credit: (Lin’s House)

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