Would Two Starbuck’s be Better Than Two ABP’S?


Darcy Anderson


All of the recurring students know about the changes in the dining halls:  Starbucks has moved to a bigger place in the new building, and in its place is another Au Bon Pain (ABP).

For people who do not quite know these two shops well: Starbucks’ main seller item is coffee, and ABP’s main seller item is sandwiches. Starbucks also sells some breakfast, dessert, and sandwiches, and while ABP also sells coffee, neither have a wide variety of their non-selling item.

So now the question is, do we like having two Au Bon Pain places, or should we have two Starbucks?

Now, this is under the impression that if we were to implement two Starbucks, ABP would be both back in the library and in Dalton, and Starbucks would resume its place in the Bonnie while keeping its new home in the new CHBS building.

The pros of the current situation–having two ABPs and one Starbucks–are that it’s not as long as a line (since there are two to choose from), it’s a larger area than the one that used to be in the library, and the space is not closed in like Starbucks used to be.

The cons of  having two ABPs and one Starbucks are that there’s two ABPs right next to each other–Dalton Terrace Shops and the Bonnie–and the ABP that used to be across campus in McConnell Library is gone and is now replaced by a room of vending machines.

The great thing about having two Starbucks is that the line would not be as long, since there would be two for students to choose from, and it’s easier to get to either Starbucks since the Bonnie is near academic halls.   Also, the new CHBS building is close to the more populated dorms such as Muse and Tyler.

The only cons to having two Starbucks would be that ABP is based more on food than Starbucks is, implying that coffee is more important than food. I love having my iced coffee, but a variety of food is more universal to what people like than a variety of drinks.

Alex Camm, who has worked for Starbucks for four years, said he would want “two Starbucks for sure!” He said there aren’t currently enough workers to have two of them open, and that Starbucks on campus would probably get more popularity if there were two.  According to Camm, the old place had more space for workers in the back; whereas, the new place has a lobby, bathrooms close by, a walk-in cooler, and a storage closet for cleaning supplies. “I like the old place better personally, but that might just be because I was there for four years,” said Camm.

All in all, having two ABPs together and a Starbucks in a larger area is not a bad idea, but the dining options should be more spread out across campus.