Women in the CIA panel

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Jack Foley | jfoley17@radford.edu

The Career Center at Radford University hosted a panel with three women from the CIA, on Thursday, March 23, to speak about their careers. These women were all currently employed at the agency and were familiar with the hiring process within the agency. Using their experiences, the panel spoke about “work-life balance, navigating career choices and how to be successful.”

Before answering questions from those attending, the panel discussed a few topics put forward by Angela Joyner, the Director of Career Services. She asked them a few questions such as who are you inspired by and what choices within your career have been the hardest. The panel spoke of usually a family member when they talked about who inspired. This family member, from what they explained, had the qualities of working hard and persistence. There was a consensus, by the panel, that when making choices, an individual has to do what is best for them. While speaking on this topic, they emphasized the idea that a person has to take care of themselves to ensure quality work in their career.

The three individuals from the CIA also gave some advice in what they look for when hiring a person. One was that they place specific importance on the cover letter, as it provides for why an individual wants to work where they apply. They also place an importance on internships, because they can provide job experience that could be vital to other opportunities. The panel on Thursday evening gave students an opportunity to gain advice and knowledge on strategies for obtaining a job within the CIA, and also other careers, both private and public.