Winter Weather Forecast


By: Dustin Staples |

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its 2019-2020 Winter weather forecast for the United States Thursday, Oct. 17.

In the absence of unusually warm or cool water temperatures, a climate pattern known as an Arctic Oscillation will form as winter weather begins. This will drive significant shifts in temperature and precipitation this winter, according to Mike Halpert, Deputy Director of NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center

The harsh drought we’ve been under since summer will slowly diminish into winter, as we are forecasted to receive near normal precipitation levels. 

With that in mind, we will see a mix of snow and rain. Temperatures are expected to stay above average from December to February. Despite the warm forecast, we will see occasional cold snaps. However, chances are it won’t remain cold for very long. 

This outlook shows no snow, but don’t think there won’t be any. The NOAA forecast does not predict snow more than a week in advance, so keep an eye on your weekly forecast for any winter snow. 

Another update of the winter outlook will be published on NOAA’s website later in November.

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Photo Credit: (Click and Learn Photography on Unsplash)