Winter fashion warms runway

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Jennifer Werner

With the arrival of chilly weather comes the need for a change in wardrobe. Winter fashions this year are coming out in full force with warm, deep colors and edgy, sophisticated looks.

Remember the biker-chic look from several years ago? Well, don’t throw out that old leather jacket that’s tucked away in the back of your closet because leather items are the new fashionable accessory to adorn almost any outfit. Even leather lapels and pockets will be found on traditional knits.

In addition to the sassy, edgy look of leather comes the reemergence of the 1950s classy, well-to-do cinched waist. So, those skinny belts from the summer can be recycled to update your winter fashion. Pair the belts  with the hottest colors of the season. Burgundy, royal blue and dark purple complemented with white highlights and olive-green are a must have for all the fashionistas out there.

The royal, elite fashion continues in equestrian wear and dark hues of color add a more subtle touch to the bold floral prints and embroidery. Knee-high riding boots are bound to make any pair of skinny jeans look amazing.

Animal prints have repeatedly come to the forefront of the fashion world, so don’t hold your breath waiting for them to disappear. Snakeskin and leopard are still hot commodities.

Another fashionable trend ringing in the new season is fur. For the animal-friendly PETA activists, faux fur is just as popular. Although, many designers and fur wearers are in awe over fluffy arctic fox, mink, raccoon, camel and even llama fur coats, according to

The traditional chunky knit sweaters are also just as popular this year as they were last year. Wear one of these, a pair of over-sized sunglasses, a pair of winter white pants and riding boots and you’re ready to hit the runway.