Why Should You Shop Local?


By Savannah Roberson | sroberson8@radford.edu

In the past few years, there has been a definite push towards shopping local.

This push is prevalent both in smaller towns and in bigger cities, and it seems that most places I’ve traveled lately have gained some degree of newfound pride in their local shops and restaurants.

I’m a big supporter of shopping local. It’s good for the towns themselves, good for the economy, and it even builds relationships between and among towns.

Many things are sold locally that numerous people might not even be aware of. There are a few things that aren’t as easy to find locally. One of the biggest pitfalls of local shops seems to be a lack of awareness and promotion—once people are aware that local shops exist, they are much more likely to begin shopping there regularly.

Regular shopping at local places has very few if any, drawbacks; the pros of supporting local business far outweigh any cons. SustainableConnections.org states that buying local creates positive effects, such as reducing harmful impacts on the environment, generating more jobs, and providing a better selection for customers.

Since there are so many benefits of shopping local, I think we should all try to support local businesses whenever we can. Of course, there are some instances where we have to look elsewhere for things we need or want, but often, shopping local is better for both the owners and the customers.

It supports the local economy, but it also gives back to customers because it creates jobs and enriches the community as a whole. It creates bonding and a sense of interconnectedness within communities, which results in stronger communities overall.

Shopping local can also even connect different communities to each other through business-related transactions or the presence of similar businesses.

I try to take advantage of local businesses whenever I can. There are several smaller shops in Radford that I especially love, and I try to go to these places over bigger shops whenever I can.

It’s great to be able to build relationships with shop owners and support them, all while finding things you probably can’t see anywhere else.

Local shops are uniquely great for gifts and other occasions where you need unique items that can’t be found anywhere else—personally, when I have a birthday in my family or among my friends, or there is another holiday where I need a gift, the local shops in Radford are the first places I go.

Shopping local does something good for everyone involved. It supports local shop owners, provides customers with a unique and interesting shopping experience, and boosts local economies.

It builds relationships and creates stronger communities, and it inspires a sense of pride and kinship in towns that are often crucial for a town’s future, especially smaller ones.

I have seen the positive impacts of local shopping in my hometown, in Radford, and in various other communities, so I plan to support it at any opportunity I have.