Why Red Cross Needs Blood Drive Hosts


By Carlos Miranda | cmiranda3@radford.edu

The room is clean and sterile – it smells of bleach mixed with a variety of chemicals, and needles litter the entire room; Nurses stand around with a strange sense of calmness, continually asking if you’re fine as though they are in a never-ending trance.

What is this you may ask; a horror attraction, an abandoned hospital, or perhaps a haunted sanitarium?


It’s the Radford Blood Drive that happened right outside the Bonnie last Thursday, Oct. 18. Nurses and health specialists came down to Radford University to ask students and any willing body to donate blood.

However, this begs the question – why exactly?

In case you didn’t know, blood is the most valued gift that you could give any living person as you could be saving someone from the edge of death and pulling them back to the world of the living.

Simply by donating a drop of blood, you would be bestowing red cells, plasma, platelets – all of which that could be used to remedy a multitude of rare conditions, such as complications of pregnancy, malaria, malnutrition, cancer patients, and those suffering from natural disasters.

To note, this is the reason as to why drives are held so regularly. Blood can only stay valuable for a limited amount of time. As a result, it’s important as to why these organizations are held to the highest regard.

However, what do these drives mean to the people of Radford?

For a faculty member, could it be a chance to do some good? For a student, it might mean an opportunity for free food and shirts?

However, what happens when fear takes the place of courage and bravery? Does one still decide to act, even if the sight of needles makes one faint? Does one throw away the chance of saving someone’s life because they are too afraid to face their terrors?

This was Jacquelyn Adrian’s exact predicament. How was she to donate blood even though she was frightened by the mere thought of gore and needles? Well, to quote her exact words, “I toughed up.”

Even then, Adrian was able to be calm and rationalize herself in a situation such as this. She stated that “I was able to calm myself down after realizing that an eight-minute needle prick would save untold lives … Not to mention that my small amount of pain is nothing compared to the people who need plasma badly.”

This is a perfect example as to why people should and need to donate blood; Even if we may not enjoy the process.

Yes, it can be tough, and yes you may feel scared at the thought of pain and needles. However, we must realize that some individuals are in desperate need of that aid. It may be hard to swallow that fact, but its the truth.

So the next time you see a blood donation drive her on campus, give it some thought and ponder over the idea of saving countless lives.

For those eight minutes of sitting down and dolling out a pint of blood, could mean the world to someone who needs it.

Photo Credit: (LuAnn Hunt on Unsplash)