Why everyone should join a club sport

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Hannah Curran


One of the first things I did as a freshman was joined club lacrosse and it was one of the best things I have done for myself in college for many reasons. One of the main reasons besides my love for lacrosse was I was painfully shy coming into school and wanted to be able to meet new people. This was an excellent way to do it. I made so many friends in my class and above me that I am still friends with now. This is what you can get from joining any club sport. There are many options here from soccer and basketball, to baseball. Along with making friends on the team, it creates a network to meet new people on the other teams and even people not in a club sport. Having upper-classmen as friends while you’re just a freshman can come as a great benefit and make you feel much more welcome at school on and off the field.

Another major take away from being on a club team is that it gives you time to not worry about anything for a little bit of time each week. You can just go out and play and be around friends and not have to stress about anything. It can be healthy to take a step back every once and a while. Having something to do maybe two or three times a week can help develop good time management skills as well. Having to schedule study time around something can help you get more work done and become more organized.

Club sports also participate in community service. There are many opportunities throughout the year, and it is an excellent way to bring all the teams together and help the community around you. Even if you aren’t athletic, the great thing about club sports is that most of them take anyone that comes! They are all welcoming and can teach everything from the basics to the college level of play. A great thing that comes from playing a sport is that while it can be in low demand, you are still getting good exercise at least two or three times a week, and you won’t have to worry about gaining the “Freshmen 15.” Even if you haven’t played before, aside from learning just the sport, you’ll probably get involved with classes the gym has to offer as well as weightlifting. All of these reasons are ideal for joining a club sport. Joining one is a great way to get involved, have more school spirited and get connected to the school.