Why Changing Your Major is OK

3 min read We’re human, and it’s our innate ability from birth to make mistakes, to be fickle, and to change our minds.


By Nay-Quan Bryan | nbryan3@radford.edu 

We’re human, and it’s our innate ability from birth to make mistakes, to be fickle, and to change our minds.

We grow up with the mindset that we can be anything, do anything, “reach for the stars” they tell us. As children, we have the craziest dreams of wanting to be astronauts, princesses, presidents, and race car drivers. At a young age, I always wanted to be a merman, but I might’ve been reaching for that one.

When high school starts, we start to hone our minds, to think critically and learn real-world situations, even though no amount of preparations could make you ready for adulthood. We take electives we’re interested in because maybe we can make a career out of it. Perhaps we’ll find something we’ll like and run with it.

I love fashion, and that was my passion when I first entered high school, but I still went through a phase. I was soon changing my mind to majoring in different fields, such as International Relations, Political Science, and possibly Pre-Law or Mass Communications.

I felt like I would never be able to succeed in the fashion industry. I believed these dreams were unattainable.

When I applied to Radford my second time around, I thought about what I wanted to do in life.

We apply with an intended major and after the first week, the first semester, the first or second year, we decided it might not be for us.

That is entirely okay; we hold the belief that we can do anything as we enter college.

We like what we like.

It’s okay to find biology uninteresting and change to a music therapy major because music is your passion. You could be a theater major and soon change to criminal justice, for no reason at all.

Some of us tend to overthink until we’ve psyched ourselves out of our intended major, believing that careers in those fields aren’t reachable, that jobs are scarce, because that’s the ending result from obtaining these degrees, to find a steady good paying job and assimilate into society as full-fledged adults.

Many first-year students of Radford have already changed their majors this semester.

Kyera Watkin, a freshman, changed her major from Biology to Psychology with a minor in ASL (American Sign Language) and freshman Daniel Donelson changed from an Interior Design Major to Pre-major/Undecided, and it’s okay to be undecided, you’re still finding your passion.

Others are Zahra Alshimary, a freshman, who was previously a nursing major, but she is now a Social Work Major and Michaela Tabor, a freshman, was a studio art major and currently is majoring in theater performance.

Freshman Erica Gilley, a double major, was majoring in Journalism and Dance and is now double majoring in English, with a concentration in professional writing and Dance.

Reflecting on her change, Gilley states, “Honestly, it was a gut feeling. I walked into my first news writing class and absolutely dreaded it. Then I realized I shouldn’t be dreading what I want to do as a career! I feel like I’m on the right track now.”

Changing your major is OK, even if it’s more than once.

Carly Sumpter, a junior, “literally changed [her] major seven times.” She said, “I started off as a Social Work major then changed to undecided, then to a History major, then to Social Science. From there I went to Music Education Major, then back to undecided, and now I’m in Media Studies with a concentration in Production Technology, and minoring in Theater and Art.”

She adds, “I kept changing what I wanted to do with my life and had a hard time deciding what my passion was. In hindsight, I should have stayed in Undecided until I was 100 percent sure, but hey things happen, and I got to learn many things along the way.”

We’re allowed to study in fields that pay more because we all need money to survive. It’s also okay to study in areas that might not pay much but captivate our soul, and continuously stay in our focus.

It’s okay to change your major over and over again because our interests are always changing.

Believe you’re unstoppable and that you can achieve your wildest dreams then wish it into existence because we can be anything. We can do anything we put our heart and mind to.

Photo Credit: (Pixabay on pexels)