Why cable should be free in residence halls

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Tanasia Campos | tcampos1@radford.edu

Most people that think about residence halls on campus imagine pre-furnished rooms, having a roommate, or having a meal plan. The cost of living in dorm rooms is already pretty expensive so why not include cable?

Between tuition and housing it is already too much money. In my opinion I think that cable should be included with it. For those who have a television it can be used as a way to unwind after a stressful day or to just catch up on a favorite show. Some of the students that return will have to pay the fee again if they continue to live on campus. I think it’ll be better to just have it all in one package so even if you don’t have a television you can still have the option to have one without any extra cost.

Along with including free cable, the cord needed to hook up your TV should be added as well and can just be returned at the end of the semester. If the cable is free but the cord is not, then it is still extra money that students have to pay on top of tuition and other costs and this way you will not have to worry about actually buying one and not using it again later. As soon as you start living off campus is when I think it should be paid for separately because it’s much cheaper so it’ll be more affordable.

Another reason I think cable should be included with the dorm rooms is because if it was it may encourage more students to live in dorms. This would mean more money for the school in the long run and it will be able to host more free activities or add more buildings. Also, if more people have TV’s in their room they wouldn’t have to worry about sharing. You and your roommate could watch whatever you want at the same time and would not have worry about if the person that did not pay for it was hogging it.

With having multiple TV’s, you would not have to worry about if your roommate moves out because you will have one of your own.   Being able to have free cable would make get-togethers way more fun because it provides a form of entertainment other than just music. You could have movie marathons without the worry of the screen freezing or slow loading. You will have to watch through some commercials but during this time is when you could talk about how the movie is going so far or just spark a random conversation. Other than just watching movies you can also watch award shows and have a party, snacks are always good to bond over and also you can bet on who will win just for fun.

In college if you do not have a job saving money is always key. If cable was included in dorm room and tuition expenses as part of a package deal it would just make living on campus that much better. Also since tuition can be paid by either parents or scholarships it could be added with no cost to the student.