Who should R-Space Bring to Campus for the Fall Concert?

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Maggie Brown


R-Space announced that they’re considering a performer for the fall concert from either of the following three genres: hip hop/rap, country, and/or pop. Radford University is a very diverse and unique campus. It is one of the many qualities that makes Radford so different than other campuses. With Radford being so diverse and unique, it would be difficult to find an artist and genre that would satisfy the student’s music tastes. I interviewed a couple students on campus to get more opinions on what genre, and more specifically what artist, they would want to perform at our campus.

Brooke Shamblin, a freshman, replied with, “I believe the genre picked should be pop, because I think everyone on campus would enjoy it. Country would also be enjoyable to watch. I think that the Chainsmokers should perform because I would like to see them perform.”

Andrew Sanchez, a junior, also replied with, “Well I think that Radford should stick with a rap artist, since I believe that is one of the top genres that college students listen to. Also, the artist should be up incoming. However, if Drake could perform, I would be one of those crazy fans sitting in the front row screaming at the top of my lungs.”

Cj Vernon, a junior, replied to this question with, “Hip hop/rap because it is one of my favorite genres besides rock. I think that Radford should bring Kendrick Lamar because he is my favorite rap artist.”

Alex Wilson, a freshman, also had an opinion to share on the topic, “My favorite genre is country, however, I think Twenty-One Pilots should come to campus because I love them and I am a diverse person.”

I cannot imagine the difficulty of choosing a performer and genre that would satisfy the majority of the students’ music tastes. It’s impossible to bring an artist or choose a genre to campus that every student can agree on. Being a music lover myself, it is extremely hard for me to decide on what artist and genre I would want to come to Radford. However, after much thinking and contemplating of the many different artists and genres on my playlist, I think I would want to see Imagine Dragons, from the pop genre, for they have been known to have an amazing reputation when performing concerts. Not to mention their music is great to listen to. The only other artist I would want to come to campus would be Chris Stapleton, from the country genre, because he has great music and is very talented.

Concerts are a once in a lifetime experience. My very first concert experience was with Journey this past July, and it was one of the best things I have ever experienced. Concerts allow the audience to feel the music on a different level because you are actually there witnessing it, rather than hearing it through an electronic device. I find it very exciting that Radford is hosting a concert in the fall, because they are a great thing for everyone to experience, no matter who is performing.