When Radford gave back

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Ola Elshaar | oelshaar@radford.edu

Giving back is the most valuable and important thing students can do for their community.

In its second year, the community service program on behalf of the Bobcat Backpack Program to serve Radford city children with weekend food insecurity was just wonderfully touchy.

Through this fantastic program, children can take home bags of food each weekend. Which is something I much respect from the Radford University community to show how grateful they are to their community?

I was so pleased when I knew that last year, they exceeded their 10,000 goals by 4,000 items, of course, all the additional items go to the Presbyterian church in Radford, where Bobcat program pack enough bags to feed Radford city children for several months.

The donations were accepted at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center Multipurpose Activity Court (MAC), from volunteers who felt that they must give back. The event which was last week. Was organized and well prepared, everyone knows their role and purpose, it’s amazingly beautiful seeing people make that much of effort for the same use to helping other human beings who share part of the community.

Volunteers just had the heart to give their community something back, they may don’t have the money, energy, and time due to the upcoming mid-term exams or whatever that keeps them busy, but they sacrificed their own time, effort, money to be under the service of other people. That means that they have goodness within themselves to volunteer even if it requires a personal sacrifice. Because simply I think that our college community need to start to realize the importance of volunteer work and start working to make the world better place to live in

Most of the professors were encouraging the students to participate and find the time, even if it was just an hour of their day, to show some love and support to the people they involved with. Some of the professors gave extra credit, to motivate the students to take part in the event, and some of them had good enthusiasm talk with the students to participate. Which is something I admire, firstly because of all the attention and the appreciation, this event gets from the professors and the whole staff, second, being around such a grateful people who know how to give back and value their partners in the community, is such a blessing.

Everyone who was there just to help, I’m sure their efforts were appreciated and valued. Volunteer work can seriously affect people’s lives. I’m sure those children felt considerable because it immensely helps to have someone got your back.

I want to thank every single person who was part of this event by just saying; you are truly earned our respect.