When it comes to roommates, what’s mine is not always yours

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Walking into freshman year, I was super excited to have a roommate. Being the only girl in my family, I have never had to share a room. The thought of being able to get ready in the morning (and nights), watch television and study with someone all the time sounded fun to me.

Now being a sophomore and looking back on my time with my freshman roommate, I realize it was a time that I will never forget. However, living with a somewhat complete stranger is hard but here are some tips to making it work with your roommate to insure you both have the best experience living together as possible.

Establish Rules: Towards the beginning of the year, it is a good idea to establish quick and simple ground rules with your roommate. These rules could vary anywhere from sharing food to having guests stay the night. By setting these rules in the beginning, there will not be much room for surprises. As the year goes on and you get more acquainted with one another, these rules may be altered.

Communication is Key: If something about your roommate’s behavior is bothering you, you need to nicely confront them about it. The dorm belongs to both of you and if they are invading your space, or doing something you do not approve of, you need to politely tell them how you feel. This will assure that you both create a pleasant and positive environment for one another.

Give Each Other Space: Your roommate may become like a sibling to you. You will be around each other more than you will ever imagine. They are always around for the good, the bad and the ugly. With that being said, make sure you give your roommate time to themselves in the room to unwind without someone else hovering over their shoulder. This will help you both make sure you are not getting under each others skin.

Branch Out: Living in the dorms, you will meet new hall mates. It’s a good idea to become independent and meet people other than your hall mates. At Radford, there are so many ways to become involved whether its sports, Greek life or any other of the multiple clubs. There is truly something for everyone.

All and all, you need to remember that although the room is half yours, your college experience is 100 percent your own. You need to make your own decisions and not let anyone hold you back or make you regret anything. By following these quick tips, I hope it will make your stay at RU with your roommate much easier and enjoyable!