Wearing What Represents You Should Not Be That Hard

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Ola Elshaar | oelshaar@radford.edu

It seems like being accepting of others is one of the hardest things to do, and it may not be easy for some people. Being different in a so-called ‘free country’ shouldn’t be that devastating.

People can get bullied for wearing what represents them, for instance, their religious beliefs, or for what their heart led them to do and God knows what else. These bullies can degrade people and make them feel substandard for who they are, and they were doing just fine before the tyrants blew out their glow.

Some people are suffering from not being able to accept the fact that people are different from them. These tormentors are desperate, and they want to drag people down to their miserable lives, so they cannot feel bad about themselves because they are with them.

Why on earth would anyone judge the way you dress when some people are attempting to represent and embrace the authenticity of his or her culture?!

People should be proud of where they came from, proud of their heritage, and never forget their roots.

Try to convince me what’s their crime here and why they are guilty?

I wear a scarf on my head, and I think it empowers me. It is my choice, and it is what represents me, and I do not feel I owe anybody an explanation as to why I wear what I wear.

Even though, I have encountered an insane load of ignorance and ridiculous questions related to “this thing on my head” as people call it.

“So, do you have to wear this all the time?!,” a customer at work who was incapable of minding her own business said to me, catered with a pity facial expression.

I think being judged for doing what you believe in, is one of the saddest things in the world that could be done by human beings because they are merely violating your rights of practicing the freedom of choice. They are the ones who oppress those who are different and abuse their willingness to move a step forward toward their faith.

Being ignorant and uncultured will gain them nothing, and it will reflect poorly on them.

A customer at worked asks me inappropriate questions like, “are you wearing this because you are Islam?” Saying things like that show me nothing but how uneducated that person was.

Ma’am, you need to learn the difference between an adjective and a noun before asking such a question, I am not sure about me being a whole religion!

I have known people from different religions and cultures, ashamed of where they came from, because they know perfectly well they would be bullied for who they are.

That is sad – feeling ashamed of practicing your fundamental rights, because of how destructive people can be. People need to learn how to deal with the ones who are different from them in more civilized manner. They need to learn that, the idea of society is how to peacefully share it with others, not to be dominant and destructive.

Just imagine being in their shoes. Imagine being threatened with acts of violence daring to be yourself, and realize how unfair that is.

Imagine what a little change can do.

Photo Credit (Edy Kurnia | Pexels)