Wall’s Jewelers Declared “Main Street Radford Business of the Month”

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Evan Geary

If you take a walk down Main Street here in Radford you are sure to pass by Wall’s Jewelers. This alluring jewelry store offers all kinds of selections from wedding bands to magnificent Waterford Crystal, and the store also offers repair services. Started around the year 1935, Wall’s is like no other jewelry store you’ll see now days and offers a cordial environment for its customers. It is no wonder why it has been announced “Main Street Radford’s Business of the Month” for January 2013.

Hilda Wall is the current owner of the business. “I’m very honored. I think it’s an honor to be chosen and I certainly do appreciate those who selected my business to be business of the month”, stated Wall.
For seventy-eight years Wall’s Jewelers has been the central business for Radford brides. Wall’s parents in law originally started the business in North Carolina in 1933, where it was a locally known store chain with a one-stop shop notion for weddings. At this day in age, most jewelry stores had a location in the back of the store where different china patterns were displayed, and an area where brides to be could pick out the sterling silver flatware or Oneida pewter for their wedding bands. After choosing they could register for Waterford crystal.
“My store has been here since 1935, and in this era there were a lot of brides and they did bridal selections so we carried a lot of fine china and sterling silver and crystal. Brides are not selecting in that manor quite as much anymore. Most of the brides to be are working and they like more casual things”, told Wall.
Although the times have changed, Wall’s Jewelers still offers that traditional concept while also branching out to vary their inventory. When asked about different selections, Wall explained, “I carry Waterford crystal, giftware items, some silver hollow ware bowls and that sort of thing. I also carry a good line of pearls, jewelry, rings, and wedding bands. I carry what most of your typical jewelry stores carry, except I’ve been here a long time.”
Wall’s husband Edward Wall and his parents managed four jewelry stores between Virginia and North Carolina with locations in Mt. Airy, Elkin, Radford, and Pulaski County. After Hilda and Edward Wall married in 1958, they developed other jewelry stores including one in Christiansburg, Virginia in 1969. Together they ran this business for years with Hilda selling jewelry and ordering new inventory, while her husband went from location to location doing watch repair.

In later years the Wall’s decided to sell the stores in North Carolina, allowing them to focus on the ones in Virginia. After Mr. Wall’s passing, Hilda decided to focus on the store in Radford, which is the only one left. She has been running the lively business alongside many other shops on Main Street ever since.

Main Street Radford was first established over twenty years ago and thrives on the presence of many local businesses and stores. The “Business of the Month” program was established in 2004 as one way to identify business owners and their achievements, shine a light on them, and promote Radford’s Main Street business district.