Voting process simplified for students Step by step for those unregistered

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Larry White

Many college students may not be big fans of politics, however it’s important to remember that your vote does count, there’re a variety of reasons for voting. Some of us just choose not to vote because we are lazy, we don’t want to watch the news listening to boring political speeches or just don’t know the process of how to vote. You must be 18 years of age to vote. The next step is registering to vote.
For instance, in most states you must be a legal resident of the state you are in at least 30 days prior to  the election and be a U.S citizen. You can register at places such as local higher education offices or even recruitment offices.
You can do this in a variety of ways such as in person or by going to designated registration offices near you. For college students like you that are away from home you are even able to register by mail. Students can get a voter registration mail application and mail it to the appropriate registration office normally stated on the form itself.
After this process, you are now considered a registered voter and you will receive a voter notification card thats shows proof that you are able to vote in the state of your residence.
Then you have the option of choosing your party affiliation. This is part of the process that may be hard for young college students because this actually involves us turning on the television to listen to the different potential candidate discuss their views and it is up to us to either say “yes I support your views” or “no I don’t support his or her views.”
An absentee ballot allows you to vote even if you are not at the polling station on the day of the election. Each state’s process of absentee ballots and different so you should go to your local registration office and get the process started because your each and every vote counts. The deadline for registering for absentee ballods is 45 days before election day. Registered voters and Virginia residents can visit