Virginia’s Budget Cuts

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Denny Price |

Radford University students and faculty were notified on Tuesday, Nov. 11 by President Brian Hemphill via email about the current Commonwealth of Virginia budget cuts.

President Hemphill let the students and faculty know that himself along with presidents of other public colleges and universities in Virginia received news from the Governor’s office to start planning for a 7.5 percent reduction in the 2018 fiscal year.

“This announcement is not entirely unexpected,” according to President Hemphill. “As the Commonwealth of Virginia has been publicly discussing the budgetary challenges faced by the state. Such discussion began in the summer months and has continued as revenue projections have not kept pace with budgets.”

Also in the email, President Hemphill explains how the budget cuts will effect Radford University currently and if it will possibly affect the university in the future. “While the Commonwealth excluded higher education from across-the-board reductions faced by other executive branch agencies in the fiscal year of 2017, it may be able to do so for the fiscal year of 2018 given current budgetary projections and today’s announcement by the Governor’s office.” He goes on to say “the reduction will impact the University’s general fund appropriation after adjusting for student financial aid, which is exempt from the FY 2018 reduction.”

During the Radford University, Inaugural Budget Planning Summit there was talk about the recent budget cuts. The students and faculty had the chance to put their input in on how help with the budget cuts for the university. This summit included students, faculty, as well as staff representatives on campus. President Hemphill plans to include everyone in the decision made by the University of moving forward despite the budget cuts.

“Many of your ideas and inputs, which were shared during the daylong summit, will be critically important as we develop plans to facilitate this reduction for the upcoming fiscal year,” President Hemphill said.

Even though the news of the current budget cuts can be frustrating, President Hemphill is still staying positive and moving forward with his plans for the university to continue to succeed. He assures everyone that everything will be okay and as a family, we can get through this.

“I along with the Board of Visitors, the cabinet and the leadership council remains sharply focused on ensuring the quality of the educational experience provided to our students. This budgetary development will not deter our strategic focus on excellence,” Hemphill said.

It has not been yet stated if the tuition rates and other fees at Radford University could potentially go up due to the current budget cuts right now.

President Hemphill ends the email with a positive message to the students and faculty regarding the university. “By working together, I am confident that the Radford family will weather this difficult budgetary challenge, and we will continue to meet our mission of providing a world-class living and learning environment for current and future generations of Highlanders.”