Virginia Governor Candidates



Gracie Miller |

Election Day is approaching fast, so it’s important that you know who is running for what office. There are three statewide offices up for election in Virginia this year, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General. The Virginia House of Delegates also has their elections this year. Radford University is within the 12th district, which will be one of the most competitive Delegate races in the entire state. All constitutional offices in Radford City will be up for election this year as well.

Three people are running for Governor in Virginia this year. The first candidate is Ralph S. Northam, running for the Democratic Party. Ralph is a Military Institute graduate, Army Veteran, and Pediatric Neurologist. Northam served as a State Senator from 2008 until he took his current post as Lieutenant Governor in 2014. He is running for Governor to build onto Virginia’s economic process and defend our values against those who want to take us back. As a Democrat he will be representing the incumbent party, as Terry Mcauliffe, also a Democrat is the current Governor. Running for the Republican Party is Edward “Ed” W. Gillespie. Ed is a conservative leader and a business owner. He started his political career as a Senate Parking lot attendant and worked his way up to becoming Counselor to President George W. Bush. He was also a former Chairman of the Republican party of Virginia and the Republican National Committee. Gillespie previously ran for United States Senator in Virginia against Mark Warner, in which he lost by less than 1% of the total vote. The Libertarian candidate running is Clifford D. Hyra. Clifford is a socially inclusive, fiscally responsible, mainstream Libertarian. He has an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering that he got at Virginia Tech and a law degree from George Mason University.

The two Lieutenant Governor candidates this year are Jill Vogel and Justin Fairfax. Jill Vogel is the Republican Party nominee, who has served as State Senator since 2008 and is a lawyer who has her law firm. Justin Fairfax, the Democratic nominee, who is former Assistant U.S. Attorney and primary candidate for Virginia Attorney General in 2013.

The current Attorney General, Mark Herring, is running for reelection. Herring, a Democrat, served as a State Senator until from 2006 until he took his current position as Attorney General in 2014. Running against him is John Adams, the Republican nominee. Adams currently is a partner with the McGuire Woods law firm in Richmond; he is on leave during his campaign for Attorney General. According to his televisions commercials, he is related to the second President of the United States John Adams.

Running for Delegate in our district this year for the Republican Party is Joseph R. Yost. Yost graduated from Radford University, earning himself a Bachelor’s of Science and a Masters of Arts in Criminal Justice. Yost is also the Executive Director of the Giles County Historical Society and running for re-election this year. The Democratic candidate is Chris L. Hurst. Hurst was previously an evening news anchor for WDBJ7 until he left the news station to pursue a career in politics. The 12th district of Virginia was one slightly by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, making this a very competitive race for both parties.

There are no contested races for any of Radford City’s constitutional offices this year, and all current seat holders are running for reelection. The candidates are Chris E. Rehak Democratic Candidate for Commonwealth’s Attorney for Radford City, Mark R. Armentrout Republican nominee for Sheriff, Cathy P. Flinchum Democratic nominee for Commissioner of the Revenue, and Janet H. Jones Democratic nominee for Radford City Treasurer.

Voting for all eight offices will take place on November 7th from six a.m. – seven p.m. Students who are registered to vote in the East Precinct, which is where Radford University is located, will vote at the Radford City Recreation Center.