Video Circling Radford Displays Violence

A video circling social media describing a violent scene off-campus involving students raises investigation.

By Kylee Walling |

Early last week, a fight off-campus fight occurred involving Radford University students.

According to an article published by the Roanoke Times, Caitlyn Scaggs, Associate Vice President for University Relations, told The Roanoke Times, “Based on early reports from those involved, please be assured that the University will not tolerate such behaviors. Where possible, immediate action will be taken.”

Based on one video circling social media, several people can be seen hitting an individual in a home. Obscenities were being yelled in and near the home, and one videographer describes the individual being harmed as getting “beat.” In this video, people are seen surrounding the house, and some people are imaged climbing through the house’s first-floor open window.

This video also describes one on-looker as being “sick to [their] stomach” while watching the events in the video unfold.

Also, according to The Roanoke Times article, the police are investigating the matter.

The article states that Radford University intends to hold parties involved accountable for the actions in the video, as well.