Venom: A Movie Review


By Tristan Rines |

After having the biggest opening weekend in the history of October at $80 million according to The Hollywood Reporter, Venom has everyone lining up to see it.

However the reviews are not favoring this comic book anti-hero flick, and this review is no exception.

Some people may not know what Venom is, considering the last time we saw the character on the big screen was in the 2007 movie Spiderman 3.

Venom is commonly known as an antagonist to the Marvel hero Spiderman and is an alien from the planet Klyntar. Venom resides in a liquid type form, referred to as a Symbiote, which attaches to a host for survival and gives the host special abilities.

In this film, the Symbiote finds its host in journalist Eddie Brock, and then the film picks up from there.

Now that we have the title character’s background out of the way let me start by saying this … Venom is a fun movie, but it is not a good movie.

Start of light spoilers

Allow me to elaborate on one part of this film that is just bad in general.

There is a subplot to the movie that makes no real sense. The movie begins with a spaceship carrying many Symbiotes on its way into Earth’s atmosphere when one Symbiote, the main villain of the film Riot, breaks containment.

This results in the killing many crew members and inhabiting one to keep alive during the crash landing in Malaysia. After which the Symbiote jumps from host to host until it makes its way to the United States where the rest of the Symbiotes get taken for experimentation by bad-guy CEO Colton Drake.

Why? The Symbiote didn’t need to do that.

End of light spoilers

On the positive side, the best parts of the movie happen when Venom is on screen for its humor and sadistic attitude.

The primary initiative of Venom is to take over the world, but it finds a fondness for Earth (on a dime) and instead decides to stay. What makes this movie fun is Venom itself. Whether it’s directing Eddie Brock, eating people, executing some solid comedic timing, or having some decent fight sequences, Venom is what makes this movie enjoyable.

The Verdict
  • 4/10
    Venom - 4/10

Needs Blood & Guts

Venom, unfortunately, does not live up to the hype due mainly to what feels like lazy writing at times and by having a lousy villain in Colton Drake.

This movie feels like it was intended on being Rated R until Sony decided to make it PG-13 last minute. Honestly, some more blood and guts would have improved this movie and made it better, and the lack thereof is noticeable.

See it with your friends or a relative, and you’ll probably enjoy yourself, but the best part of the movie is merely the credit scene at the end.