Work out: Utilizing fitness classes at Peters Hall

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Trevor Moortgat

Prior to my debut Zumba class here at Radford, I had only practiced the Latin-inspired dance fitness routine a few times in the comfort of my basement. On the Kinect. In pajamas. With no audience. So initially I was like a young tuna thrown into shark infested waters, having no idea what to expect. Reluctantly, instead of sharks, they were all eager, young girls. So this young tuna was safe for now.

The class wasn’t too big and the room is the perfect size. The routine starts out slow and progressively gets faster and more difficult. Each set is in sync with a song, and the music is upbeat, modern, and keeps you motivated. Zumba is a lot of quick feet movement, like dance steps, and hip swinging, because of its Latin roots. If you think this will be a walk in the park, you are dead wrong and you will be sweating profusely at the end of class. The Zumba class here at Radford was easy enough for me to pick up even though it was my first time and I can see intermediate and advanced dancers enjoying it just as much.

Other classes offered in Peters include Ripped, which stands for Resistance Interval Power Plyometrics Endurance Diet. Ripped is a weight and cardio based workout for athletes performed to modern music. You can expect to be doing push-ups, bicep curls, dumbbell squats, and some martial arts kicking and punching.

PiYo is a combination of Pilates and Yoga so participants will get the best of both worlds improving balance and flexibility. Even though the class is non-impact, you can still expect to sweat. Functional Fitness is another class offered, which helps with everyday situations and is a more practical workout for your body. It makes your muscles all work together instead of isolating each group like you would in a conventional workout.

Kaliente Dance Fitness is another class offered in Peters which is a high intensity cardio workout. These are all excellent ways to stay in shape and burn off that Baconator you grabbed at lunch time. These classes could cost an upwards of $70 per month, but here at Radford they are all free!

Like they say, don’t knock it until you try it. College is all about trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone, so try them all out and see which one fits your style the best. The schedules are very flexible and they offer enough days and times so anyone can get in and give it a go. Just log onto and search ‘Peters Gym’ in the top right corner to see the list of instructors and times for class.

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