Us – A Movie Review

2 min read Jordan Peele is back again with his new movie Us, released Mar. 21. While the overall movie is good, there are plot pieces and things that don’t add up.


By Evan Mason |

Jordan Peele is back at it again with his new horror movie Us that was released Mar. 21.

This movie starts with a family going on a vacation to Santa Cruz. Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o), her husband (Winston Duke), and their two kids are suddenly confronted by home invaders who look and behave in similar ways like them, but creepier.

While the overall movie is good and has many things to say, there are some plot pieces and things that don’t add up.You can watch this movie and view it as truly just a horror movie but like Peele’s “Get Out” there are layers of social commentary, symbolism, and nods to the state of America and the divide between class and privilege throughout.

A big driving factor that pulls you in is wondering why their doppelgängers are coming after them, where did they come from, what are they? The mystery keeps you hanging on.

What starts as a tense home invasion movie, expands into a grander, layered story with great performances by all the actors. Nyong’o certainly stands out above the rest with a performance that will truly keep you on the edge of your seat.

The movie has some tense and gory death scenes as the protagonists’ fight to stay alive. There is also the much-expected humor that Peele is known to break up some of the dark moments here and there as well.

This movie also doesn’t rely on cheap jump scares, a lot of the tension was the character performances which are creepy, but interestingly intriguing as well.

The music sets the tone for both the horrifying and more humorous moments.

While the overall movie is good and has many things to say, there are some plot pieces and things that don’t add up. One scene so big that it could have potentially changed the whole outcome of the movie or even stopped any of the events from happening in general because when the scene comes up, it leaves you wondering, “why did this character do that, that’s irrational and silly.”

The Verdict
  • 7.5/10
    Us - 7.5/10

Wait ... What?

Other things bugged me that may give too much away, but Peele manages to still get his messages across while also providing a thrilling horror experience. Add to the outstanding performances it truly is an above average horror movie experience with something to say that is a horror in itself.