University Announces Proposed Plans for Center for Adaptive Innovation and Creativity

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Annie Schroeder |

Radford University unveiled a new proposed plan for the Center for Adaptive Innovation and Creativity that will house arts, health sciences, and information technology, replacing where Porterfield and McGuffey Halls currently stand. The massive modern building will be changing the University’s skyline drastically.

The Center for Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) are currently housed in both Porterfield and McGuffey Halls; this new building will allow the program to be housed under one roof. The new building is estimated to cost 79 million dollars.

All of the current programs that are held in Waldron Hall will also be held in the new building. The announcement of the proposed building comes just a week following the announcement of the university’s merger with Jefferson College. The university’s strategic plan focuses on healthcare advancement.

Porterfield and McGuffey halls were built back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. While the buildings have been renovated, the university believes that they have met the end of their lifespan but have been beneficial throughout the years. Due to growing enrollment, the buildings will no longer be able to hold enough students.

According to a statement from the University, the proposed Center for Adaptive Innovation and Creativity will facilitate bringing together multiple disciplines in one facility that will meet various needs in the arts, as well as healthcare and big-data education, and promote collaboration, innovation, and creativity on a scale not currently available on campus.

The Center will provide Radford University the facility to merge health education research, creativity and new technology to meet evolving challenges of the future.

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