United States gives President Obama second chance

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On Nov. 6, the United States reelected President Barack Obama for another four years in a 62,088,847 to 58,783,137, 50.6 percent to 47.9 percent, victory for the gentleman from Illinois.

After over a year of campaigning, three presidential debates, and hundreds of millions of dollars spent the nation reaffirmed its belief that Obama was the best candidate for president and that the Republican Party is a party of yesterday that is behind the times in terms of what the American public desires.

This election proved that the American public does not think its okay with the of demeaning 47 percent of the country, that rape is ‘God’s plan,’ and that President Obama’s policies have been the job killing monstrosities described by the right.

The American people want to move forward, want to create jobs through investing in people and their abilities not corporations, and want to have a President who has a proven record of standing by them.

This is what the election of 2012 symbolizes, a announcement by the American people of what this nation and its citizens truly want, not what some rich super PAC tells us we want.

President Obama does face an immense challenge in the coming weeks, months, and years. The debt ceiling needs to be addressed again, the national debt needs to be lowered, and immigration reform needs to finally be on the agenda.

These are not easy problems and the decisions made by the President will affect this country for decades to come. Fortunately for the President he has a strengthened majority in the Senate and a stronger minority in the house both of which will come in handy in the coming votes and negotiations to come.

However, President Obama needs to and is working across the aisle for this nation needs more cooperation between its political parties for the hate and distrust demonstrated by the right and the left the past election year is not what this country needs.

I of course know that many of the readers of this column did not vote on Election Day for they saw no real difference between the candidates for any race. However, there was a difference, a major difference that we as college students will see the affects as soon as after we graduate.

Thanks to President Obama, our student loans will be paid back not in set payments but in a payment that corresponds with our income. This will allow recent college graduates the ability to take lower paying jobs that they truly care about without worrying about going bankrupt from student loans.

President Obama’s victory also means that 32 million Americans will keep their health insurance they gained through the Health Care Reform Bill because the Republicans will not be able to repeal the act without both the Senate and White House in their control.

Finally President Obama’s reelection helped keep this nation safe from another market crash from wall street becoming to powerful thanks to the Republican’s inability to repeal the Wall Street Reform bill that makes it illegal for banks and wall street firms to gamble and take our money for their own selfish needs.

We Americans chose President Obama and the Democrats agenda on Tuesday and for the next two years at least we are giving President Obama and his party the opportunity to keep this nation moving forward.