Trick or Treating


There are no legal restrictions when it comes to the cutoff age for trick or treating. Maybe there should be, because I know I trick or treated  into high school and I knew it would be the last time because I had the laziest costume idea ever. Does wearing baggy sweatpants and a football jersey constitute for a football player? I remember getting a lot of weird looks that year by all the neighbors I went to. I think that was my cue that I could no longer trick or treat. I could no longer dress up like an idiot, collect free candy, then binge for a straight month on Kit-Kats, Reese’s, M&M’s and whatever else the parents were throwing in my bag. When a trick or treater knocks on the door, the person is expecting to see cute little nuggets dressed up like popcorn or a cow. They are not expecting to see someone who has gone through all forms of puberty dressed up like batman.
Trick or treating was cool in the beginning of middle school, but by eighth grade it was only cool if you got invited to a Halloween party where your mom dropped you off and picked you up at 11:00 p.m. A bunch of girls and boys would dress up in their costumes, eat ridiculous amounts of party mix, drink far too much soda and probably dance like an idiot to the Black Eyed Peas.
The proper age to stop trick or treating is probably somewhere around 12 years old. Kids at this age are starting to realize that their actions are really important for fitting in. So if a majority of the other students aren’t trick or treating, you might find yourself peeking over your shoulder worried about what the other kids might say. Halloween is unique because you can celebrate the holiday in many different ways, at different ages. First it’s trick or treating, until you are too old for that. Then some people (who can handle scary movies) celebrate Halloween by watching the FX Friday the 13 marathon. Costume parties will never get old either.
The decision to stop trick or treating is sometimes against your will. I can remember my mom shooting down the idea when I jokingly threw it out to trick or treat one year when I was obviously entirely too old. The decision is very much subjective to the trick or treater. Guaranteed, there are still twenty year olds trick or treating because they want free candy and they don’t care what anyone else thinks, but others might feel uncomfortable being that old still going out. I’ve heard lots of my friends say, “I want to go trick or treating,” or “what if I went trick or treating?” The idea is of trick or treating is pretty nostalgic for us because that is something we won’t do again. And unless we have kids to take when we’re older, it is safe to say our trick or treating days are officially over.