Too many rules for the new gym

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Article written by Gina Owens

Some students have had a problem with the new gym dress code that Radford University has enforced.

Psychology major, Cheyanne Carlile says, “ I think the rule is fine. I feel like its going to prevent girls from being eye balled like pieces of meat and to prevent guys from showing off or intimidating other people.”

From this, students are forced to rearrange their wardrobe in order to oblige gym rules. Some students find this very difficult because most girls own racer back shirts or cut up t-shirts and most guys own muscle shirts or wife beaters. This doesn’t give either gender much to choose from when deciding on a gym outfit.

Fitness and conditioning major James Scales says, “ I don’t like the rule about how guys can’t wear tanks or cutoffs that are seamed up.”

Guys find this very hard because most of their shirts have the sleeves cut off or are ripped because they normally want to show off their muscles and abdomen. They want to show everyone how bulky and muscular they are, but can’t in regards to the gym rules.

Both genders have trouble dealing with these rules because before the new gym opened there were no rules at the Peters or Muse gym. Students were able to wear whatever they pleased without being penalized. Now with the new rules, it is going to take some getting used to.