Wardrobe change: Winter to spring


It has come time to finally start switching your wardrobe from layers upon layers to cute dresses and adorable pairs of sandals.

Even though being a student at Radford University means knowing that the weather is a little unpredictable, now is the perfect time to start bringing some essential pieces out of storage.

The number one clothing piece to bring back out into the sunlight is a great pair of sandals. They could either be a simple pair of gladiators or those cork and salmon colored wedges you have just been itching to wear.

Sandals are the perfect way to transition into spring, even though snow did just fall last week, because you can still wear your best skinnies just in case the weather wants to change its mind.

Also, they are super comfortable for walking around campus going from class to class.

Another perfect item of clothing to start incorporating into your style is a flouncy floral skirt. What better way to take on the gorgeous spring weather than a pretty skirt?

A way to still stay warm and cozy when showing some leg is to pair the skirt with a soft sweater, some riding boots and knee high socks.

Next on the list is a pair of pastel colored pants. The color options are endless: mint green, blush pink, light canary yellow and more.

These pants are perfect for the spring weather and work great with a chiffon tank top and ballet flats.

Now, men, do not think that I forgot about you. Even though transitioning into different seasons is much easier for you, some key pieces to focus on are your shoes and shorts choices.

A good half of you have been wearing them since fall semester, but Sperry’s are definitely the number one pick for shoes. They complement jeans, khakis and shorts, making it difficult to have a fashion misstep.

The second pick for you guys is comparable to the ladies’ pastel pants — pastel colored shorts. Yes, Chubbies are known for their outlandish colors and patterns, but I personally think they are a little too short and tight.

Pairing these two top picks with a nice sweater is sure to make you look even more dapper than before.

When transitioning from your winter to spring clothing it is important to keep in mind that the weather is not always how the weather forecaster says it will be.

Also, be sure to keep a cozy jacket, a pair of boots, and a great sweater out just in case the temperatures decide to drop.