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Things to do before leaving Radford for the summer

I know we are all excited for the semester to end. It is a great accomplishment to say that we have made it this far. Some are finishing their first year of college like myself, while some are saying goodbye to the great college years behind them and hello to their career ahead. Before we can get excited about the semester ending there are some things that we must do before we leave this school year behind and start another semester in the future.

On a more serious note before we can say goodbye we need to say hello to finals. Everyone loves finals. Of course, that statement is entirely an opinionated statement because everyone may not like finals, but everyone does have to take them. I interviewed Brandon Dunford on things that are important to do before leaving Radford University. He said that you should, “finish exams and study for them as well as final finish projects.” I could not agree more with him. Finals are crucial, and it should be on the top of the list. It is important that you take the right measures to pass and do well on all of your finals so that you can pass the classes and get the grades you earned. Another important thing to do before you leave is if you live in dorms on campus you should start organizing everything you have to pack to take home. This is most important because for the one you do not want to leave things behind. You also do not want to feel stressed before you take your exams with packing and getting things in order. It might be a good idea to start packing in advance to have a smooth time when moving out. The last important thing to do before you leave is to check your PO boxes. This is an important one because you do not want to leave mail on campus that might be important or of some use to you. So make it a note before you leave campus to check your P.O. boxes.

Now for the fun part of things to do before you leave Radford, and go home for the summer. Have a good time with all of your friends. Although it will be finals week and you will be super busy, just take the time to relax and enjoy the campus and everything that comes with it. I interview Roy Oakley as well as Rachel Funkhouser. They both suggested to go hiking, spend time at the river as well as in the quad, and go to Muse dinner to eat there for the last time with all of your friends. Just have fun with the friends you have made here over the semesters. Enjoy each other’s company before you go back home and be apart from one another. Maybe you can go on an ice cream run, take a trip to the zoo, go out of town to visit some friends it does not matter just have fun. Do not rush the college experience instead take a deep breath and soak it in because it is truly meant to change your life.


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