‘These are a few of my favorite things’ at Christmas time

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As I walk home from my night class, I notice how bright and shining Radford University is with Christmas lights lining the sidewalks and a Christmas tree standing tall in the center of campus. With Christmas right around the corner, most college students favorite time of the year is about to begin.

Being a college student, all that is standing in our way from presents, eggnog and families laughing around the fire is our finals. However, here is something to make these next few weeks a little bit better. If our minds can get through the long hours in McConnell Library and bubble the right answers in on our scantron, then we can truly enjoy, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

Christmas has many traditions that are shared between friends and families. Whether it’s our favorite movie, song or holiday event, college students have their own favorite things to look forward to during the festive season: “Elf”- Only during the weeks surrounding Christmas is it appropriate to answer the phone “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” Watching Will Farrell’s portrayal of Buddy the Elf in Elf has become a Christmas must see in many college students rooms. With its witty lines and oh so memorable scenes, this movie has become our generations classic Christmas comedy.

SNL”- Throughout the decades, Saturday Night Live has been the leader in weekly comedic relief. No popular culture figure or newsworthy event goes untouched. Many famous skits have been altered to revolve around the Christmas theme. From the school girl character Gilly, to Justin Timberlake in “Homelessville” to the famous Jimmy Fallon SNL Christmas Song, the Christmas spirit surrounds the SNL set. Even Adam Sandler brings his own holiday spin by playing his Hanukah Song on The Weekly Update. Throughout the years, the Christmas skits have become the most memorable and anticipated to see what the writers can come up with next.

     “Friends”– Most nights, like most college students, once that clocks strikes 11 p.m., it is time to unwind for the day and watch “Friends”. However the most memorable episodes are definitely themed around the Christmas season. We can all hope that the “Holiday Armadillo” will make an appearance at our Christmas table and that Phoebe will sit around your Christmas fire incorporating your name into her “Special Holiday Song”. “Friends” will always be a go-to show for our generation and it is exciting to revisit those classic characters and watch an episode about the holidays.

     “The Christmas Shoe Song”– Every year, Christmas music sneaks onto our radios earlier and earlier. Christmas tunes have become their own genre and in the month of December, some radio stations dedicate their whole playlist to strictly Christmas music. However, there is one song that can not keep a dry eye in the room. The theme of “The Christmas Shoes” is what Christmas is all about. It mentions the true meanings of Christmas which are religion and family. When “Christmas Shoes” played, you know it is time for Christmas.

     “A White Christmas”- Don’t get me wrong, at anytime we can get it, snow is always exciting. Cancelled classes, snowball fights in the quad and sipping on the warm, sweet hot chocolate is always a great change of pace. However, there is nothing better than walking down the stairs to be greeted by Santa’s presents and yards and streets covered in a beautiful blanket of white snow. Cross your fingers for snow wherever you will be celebrating the holidays.

As we all prepare to pack our bags and make the journey back to our hometowns, think about your own favorite things about Christmas. Our holiday break will go by so fast, so remember to soak up every last second of joy and come back to Radford recharged and ready to work.