The Spring Concert headliner has been announced

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Maria Uzel

The big news around campus this week is the spring concert announcement! Rae Sremmurd was revealed to come to campus on Friday, April 8th in the Dedmon Center. The Hip-Hop duo consists of two brothers, best known for their songs “No Flex Zone” and “No Type”. This genre of music is not for everyone, and a lot of students all over social media have had varying opinions on the rapper being the headline for the concert. Some people are very excited for the concert while others could seemingly care less about who performs.

I interviewed a few students across campus to see how they really felt about the rappers. Haley, sophomore, said that she is excited for the concert since they are a pretty popular name. “I heard the song ‘No Type’ a few years ago and really liked it. I have been following their music ever since.” She said she will definitely attend the concert and is counting down the days, “It would be really cool to maybe meet them afterwards.”

Whitney, senior, stated that she does like the song “No Flex Zone” and she does not think she will attend. “They are not bad performers, but not a group I am dying to see live. I would prefer someone like Justin Bieber to come to campus, but he is too big of a name now to come on college tours.”

When I asked if students should have to pay for tickets, both girls had similar responses. “It kind of sucks having to pay, but I really like them so I do not really mind,” said Haley. “I think any concert should be free to students, especially since we pay so much in tuition,” replied Whitney.

I then asked if they like the fact that the general public is allowed in the concert. “I do not think it is that much of a problem,” stated Whitney, “but last fall at the All Time Low concert, it was filled with more pre-teen girls than actual students, so that was a little annoying.” Haley did not seem to mind, “I will be with my friends having a good time, so I do not really mind it.”

I later asked a freshman, Zach, if he was excited about the concert. He stated, “I had no idea that there even was a spring concert and had never heard of the group before.” When asked if he would attend, he said, “Obviously not, since I have never heard of them before.” I continued asking whom he would prefer to perform and should tickets be free to students, “I would like someone alternative, like Imagine Dragons to perform, and free tickets would be nice because I have no money.”

The spring concert is still a few months away so, as word spreads, more people may be a little more excited and wish to attend. The tickets for students go on sale February 16th and are 20 dollars and March 15th for the general public and are $32 dollars.