The role of the Editor-in-Chief

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  • The Tartan is advised by the Assistant Director of Student Media and another advisor (an RU faculty member), although the right to publish is vested in the student Editor-in-Chief (EIC).  It is the role of the EIC to pursue freedoms that shall and must exist in a professional and ethical world.  That world can and must exist on the Radford University campus.
  • The EIC, for example, must be more than a merely competent reporter or editor.  The editor must be a decision maker, an organizer, a compromiser, a staunchly independent spokesperson for truth, and a person with a vision.  The EIC must have persistence, dependability, initiative and a deeply profound sense of professional ethics.  The editor must have a knowledge of the tradition associated with both the newspaper and the university.
  • The EIC must know the community, which includes the university and its area of dominant influence and understand the topics prevalent to the residents of this community.  The EIC must be dedicated to the truth and responsibility as well as to the idea of “responsible truth.”  The EIC cannot be a tool of any individual, group or cause.  What is expected, thus, of an EIC is the wisdom of a seasoned professional.
  • What is expected of the advisor is no less than that of the EIC.  The advisor is a person who has the professional experience, the educational background, the awareness and knowledge of traditions and the diplomatic skills to work with others to provide the editor with a view that will be “calmly reasoned” in order to permit the EIC’s decisions to be made from the background of solid advice.  The advisor cannot assume the authority of censorship.
  • Truth, accuracy, sincerity, and fairness are to prevail in the conduct of the newspaper’s business and its publication.  The ordinary standards deemed appropriate by community definitions of decency, libel, and legality as exemplified by the commercial media of the community are to be kept inconsistency with.  It is the duty of the advisor to provide the consistency of the view and those standards as the EICs change and as times change.  The advisor must do this through advising the EIC, not through censorship.
  • To achieve commitment of individuals to professional standards is difficult when working with students.  Yet, being trained and schooled in these standards is as important as being trained in techniques and skills.  Thus, it is extremely important that a set of standards exist for the production of The Tartan.
  • And much…much more!

This role will be updated as frequently as possible to ensure success for future EICs.