The role of a Section Editor

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. All of our contact information is back on the Contact/Jobs page. – EIC

This page covers Section Editor positions for News, Culture, The Tea, and Sports.

  • Section Editors are responsible for pitching ideas at our mandatory weekly Monday meetings from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. to the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) for approval.
  • Once the Section Editors ideas have been approved, they have to assign and communicate stories, columns, briefs or photos to staff members with instructions about content possibilities and, if applicable, length in their ideas to the staff writers via the Slack app or at the end of the meetings.
    • Length should be 500 words or more for EVERY article but sometimes it depends, which is rare (Ex. Online only article, ect.),
  • Trains staff and works to improve its reporting and writing
  • Works with Staff Writers and reporters to verify information such as names, numbers, and accuracy of details and makes sure work is complete before the deadline.
  • Follows up with Staff Writers about the status of individual assignments before the deadline.
  • Strives to expand coverage to reflect the diversity of Radford University and appeal to a broad base of readers.
  • Communicates with other editors to plan out visual elements of the page.
  • Determines the hierarchy of stories for their section in the paper.
  • Editors are to keep track of their writers, and the EIC is to keep track of all editors. Editors must communicate with both parties on a weekly basis (We use the Slack app).
  • Section Editors might be asked to use social media and occasionally help with events on campus to promote the Tartan.
  • Strives to maintain a consistently high quality of content
  • Edits ALL articles of their section
  • Edits headlines and captions
    • Speak with photographers if they took pictures for the story
  • Assumes final responsibility for the content and readability of their respective section before sending it to the Senior Editors. 
  • Section Editors are responsible for writing stories unclaimed by writers
    • Section Editors must write up to two unclaimed articles; meaning if zero articles are turned in for their section they must write two 500 word articles for that week.
    • If Staff Writers are not turning in articles weekly talk with the EIC for action on the matter.
    • Section Editors can choose to write articles if all are claimed for that week’s paper, but it must be at least 500 words or longer and turned in on Saturday by 11:59 p.m. unless said otherwise. Another editor must edit their work.
    • Editors are encouraged to take pictures at events either with their phones or the cameras that the Student Media Center can rent out to them.
      • Talk to the EIC 24 hours before the event to file the correct information on time.
      • If The Tartan has Photographers on staff, those are available for your use as well.
  • Once the articles from the Staff Writers have been turned in it’s up to the Section Editors to edit the articles on WordPress and do layout (on macs) using InDesign, the EIC, Managing Editor, Copy Editors and other Section Editors will teach you how to do all of that if you don’t already know. The Section Editors layout is due on Sunday’s by 11:59 PM.
  • The EIC has the right to change, take away, or alter any of the duties mentioned above.