The Revival of Pocahontas & Bolling

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First impressions happen to be one of the more ruling psychological criticisms a person encounters when handling a situation, environment, or more exclusively another human being. Which is precisely why a first impression should be like a bullet proof vest; impenetrable and unnoticeable when attempted to conceal. The primitive impression that is left behind by a department or institution can have a lasting effect of either good, bad or neutral. Any representative for such hypothetical institutions should aim high in maintaining a positive first impression on those that seek it out.

So in essence, Radford’s Residential Life showed a tremendous first impression this year with the help of numerous volunteers and campus organizations such as DAP, Pretti Women, and Men of Standards. Added along with the “all hands on deck” noticeable performance by all of Radford’s RA’s on campus.
























































































































































One would say that this move in year went a lot smoother than it did for freshman last year. However, for some returning students that had experienced the hectic disaster known as Muse Freshman Move-In last year, the wound that was supposed to be healed opened up once more. But this go round it wasn’t the fault of Muse, but the newly renovated dormitories that went under construction last year; Pocahontas and Boiling.

The two new 3 story dorm halls with its gaping glass windows in the front and their steep staircase that leads to a grand area where social interaction takes place within the dorm community, is just one of the many perks of living in this flashy almost high class building that could even rival the reputation of Washington Hall. But unfortunately, when it was move in day for the now sophomores of Radford to get settled and relax before helping the incoming freshman into their new homes the next day, they got the same heart-warming smack to the face as they did last year.

The Move-In-Crew students were not allowed to do just that “move in” at their scheduled time. Apparently the State of Virginia had not yet approved the dorm “livable” once the students got on campus nor had the Fire Marshalls inspected the building. An email was sent by Res Life on August 20th to all the students living in Pocahontas and Boiling just 6 days before their scheduled move in, saying that they “Will not be able to move into the residence hall until 3:00pm on the 26th” (3pm in bold letters) and continued with “If you arrive after 5:00pm, your key will be available for you to pick up at the RUPD office.”

Despite having to wait until at the earliest for 3pm to roll on by, the moving in of their packed lives was sadly put on hold once again when a Res Life associate stated “I apologize but we don’t have the keys to the rooms yet” this being on the same day and time students were supposed to be comfortable in their rooms after long hour drives from places like Richmond and Woodbridge.

“My experience with Radford move in days has been a very unpleasant one,” said a returning student’s mother. “When my child was a freshman last year we were deadlocked in a parking lot for 5-6 hours waiting to move into Muse this on top of the 4 hours one-way travel to get to the school. Fast forward to this year, we were instructed to move in between 3-5pm because my child volunteered to help with move in and to my dismay the rooms had not been cleared for occupancy by the Fire Marshall. I arrived in Radford at 2:30pm and did not make it back home until well past 1:00am.”

This was just one of the many complaints that the Residential Life Office received that day from both parents and students. Said a student resident of Pocahontas Hall, “I received an email a couple days prior to move in saying I would be allowed to move in at 3 o’clock. My parents had to take off work to get me here and they didn’t get home until 2am in the morning and had to get up at 5am to go to work that same day. This should never happen again.”
“As for the delay in students being able to move in to Pocahontas and Bolling, the state inspections of the building took much longer than we anticipated. Because the inspections took longer, we had to wait which unfortunately caused a delay in allowing students to move in.” Stated Director of Housing Operations Jeff Orzolek.

Aside from their own move in trivialization, once the 27th and the 28th came around the Move-In Crew made it their absolute mission to make sure these upcoming freshman didn’t get a bad first impression of Radford’s Housing Department and made it one of the swiftest move in days the campus had seen. With the countless hands of sophomores, juniors and seniors coming together, Radford’s 2015 Move in Year was very successful for the class of 2019. But for the Move in Crew residents of Pocahontas and Bolling, the very students who took the time to come up to the school early just to make sure the incoming freshman didn’t have to go through what they encountered a year ago; the same could not be said for both their first impression nor their second.