Should you go shopping on Black Friday?

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The Pros and cons

Hannah Curran |

On Black Friday, the annual shopping deals holiday; people flee to their local malls and stores for once a year amazing deals just after Thanksgiving. I have made a habit of going to the malls back home to buy clothes and crazy amounts of Christmas gifts. It’s always a mob scene, and I get to see at least one fight a year over something on sale. There are so many pros to Black Friday shopping, as well as cons to think about before deciding if you’re going to head into the madness. These include economic factors, crowds, and many other things it can offer and take from you. It’s a lot going on in just one night a year.

Some pros of going out for Black Friday include: Stores can offer to give away and prizes such as merchandise and money, electronics can be on sale for prices you’ll never see again, it can be very satisfying to get all your holiday shopping done early and at a low price (you can shop for everything at once), it can be a great time to get out and have fun with family and friends, you’ll get a kicker work out running all over the place for these sales and you can hit specific stores that are normally really expensive

Some cons to Black Friday include: Sometimes the sales aren’t better than they were last year, but just the same sale, you will have to fight all the huge crowds, sales can be limited in amount and the time it happens, you probably won’t have much money left when the night ends, you will probably go to stand in line for hours, the workers have to be at work a lot during Thanksgiving and not with their families, like you most likely were, the actual worry there may be violence over a sale and it could let down on a deal

If you don’t want to head to the mall at 1 in the morning after eating tons of food, you can always wait for Cyber Monday and get the great online shopping done with deals and all while sitting on the couch not fighting the crowds. The past couple years I have trekked out to the mall with either friends or my mom and gone through the chaos, and usually it is worth it, however, it is exhausting and of course shopping you do have to feel wrong about the people not being able to spend time with their families during this holiday. Before you head out to do some research on the deals being offered, so you know where to go for what you want to buy and to have a plan can make things a little more comfortable on you (or be sane like a lot of people and just stay home).