The Path to Picking a Major

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When I came to Radford during the summer prior to my senior year of high school, I was unsure of what major I wanted to choose. As many of us have surely felt by this point, there is a great amount of pressure on students to pick a major that they believe they will enjoy and can then use to secure a job after graduation. Hopefully one with a nice paycheck. At first, I decided to pick business as my major. When I came on my first tour here, our wonderful new COBE building was just underway and was due to be finished upon my arrival freshman year. I could then breathe a sigh of relief. I could leave campus with a major already declared and hey, I would have one of the nicest buildings on campus!

Yet, did I really have any interest in business whatsoever? More importantly, how much math would be involved? This is not to put down business majors, as I am sure that it is a great choice for many students, simply not for myself. When I took my first psychology course in my final year of high school, that was when I realized what major I really should have chosen from the start. The psychology program here at Radford is absolutely fantastic. It is a department full of intelligent and very witty professors that are extremely willing to aid their students along their college journey. I have heard many individuals, my own friends included, say statements such as, “Oh, you’re a girl who wants to be a psychology major? How typical of you.” Many students brush psychology off as an easy, “typical” major. Yet, when taken seriously, it can be an immense amount of work and quite research intensive. I believe that the psychology department here at Radford will truly help to prepare me for graduate school, if I am fortunate enough to be accepted into a program. By choosing psychology, you can go into a wide array of disciplines such as counseling, clinical psychology, I/O (industrial and organizational) psychology and many other areas. There are a wide range of choices available. It is likely that many of the majors you believe that you already know about actually provide many future career options.

Fortunately enough for me, I had numerous AP credits from high school, which knocked out many of the introductory freshman courses I would have had to take. This gave me the chance to add another major or minor under my belt. When this was pointed out to me, all I could think was, “Oh joy, another decision for me to make.” If you know me well, you know that decision making is not my strong suit. Luckily, the sociology department, which is also full of some of Radford’s greatest professors, was presented as an option. If you have the time and opportunity to add a major or minor that is seemingly complimentary to your primary major, I highly recommend it. It gives you the chance to meet new people and expand your mind. Sociology is a major that is also commonly discredited by students as unimportant. Yet, how could studying society and its inner workings be unimportant at all? Even though I may not be pursuing sociology at the graduate level, I honestly believe that studying it has made me a better person. It opens up your eyes to what is going on in the world around you, the social problems that many of us ignore, and how we can help promote social change. It makes you, if anything, a more aware citizen. The college experience should do this for students, making us more mature and informed individuals who have changed for the better.

I hope that no matter what major you choose or have already chosen, it improves your way of thinking and behavior. Radford University offers many wonderful majors to choose from.