The Nun Review


By Tristan Blake Rines |

The Nun is the 5th installment of The Conjuring Universe produced by Warner Brothers to have landed since The Conjuring first hit the big screen in July of 2013.

Since then, The Conjuring Universe has dished out a second Conjuring movie in June of 2016 and two Annabelle movies since 2014. Both now with third installments currently in development.

The Nun’s service to this horror universe serves mostly to give the backstory to the antagonist of The Conjuring 2, known as Valak and takes place in 1952, Transylvania, Romania, at the Cârța Monastery.

With a $22 million budget, the film uses its fair share of both computer generation as well as practical effects to try and make the most of its scares. The Nun sticks to the formula of a lot of pans and over the shoulder shots that make you think, “It’s right behind them.”

A lot of what happens in the film feels pretty by the book with its collection of upside-down crosses and some pretty anticipated jump-scares and makes the audience feel like there is something left to be desired.

On the positive end, its conclusion brings the movie full-circle with its tie-ins to The Conjuring 2.

While it may not be the best horror movie in The Conjuring Universe, its overall a pretty by the book solid flick that you and a few friends can enjoy at the theatre.

The Verdict
  • 5.4/10
    The Nun - 5.4/10

By the Book

The film left something to be desired in the realm of novelty with its horror, due mostly to its lack of originality.