The new Asian food spot on campus

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Written by Ayana Avery. Photograph by Allison Bourn.

When students arrived back on campus after Christmas break, they learned that there would be two new food additions to Radford’s Campus.

Replacing Austin Grill would be a new Chinese place, Asian To Go. That space is also shared with Hissho Sushi that was once in Dalton. Those hours are from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.

As everyone knows Dalton has many choices when it comes to food. Their newest addition is an expansion of Dalton’s actual cafeteria.

Dalton To Go has replaced the Sushi bar that was located in Dalton. It is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After speaking with several students around campus, a lot of them had some good things to say, as well as some bad.

Aisha Foy, a junior here at Radford University said, “that it is convenient and Dalton usually has good food. Before, it sucked because you had to go in and sit down, because you were not allowed to take food home.”

Foy says she likes the idea, however it does have room for improvement. “I think they need to improve on the compartments when they are serving the food, the sides need their own space, as well as the main dish. When the food gets mixed together, it is kind of nasty. I also wish the containers were bigger.”

Foy sees Dalton being very successful in the future if the prices are lowered, containers get bigger, so that the main dish and sides are not touching each other.

Asian To Go, which is located in the Bonnie, is currently a lot more popular than Dalton To Go.

Janayla White, who is an RU freshman, said that she did not like the new Chinese place. “I did not find it appealing, it was actually kind of disgusting, and my food didn’t taste seasoned.”

After trying Asian To Go, White also complained about the lines being too long, food taking too long to be prepared and cooked.

White says she would prefer for Austin Grill to still be there and sometime in the future she would like to see Chipotle make an appearance.

White was not the only person hoping for a Chipotle to make an appearance; RU freshman, Janelle James said the same.

James said “I think everyone is excited that we have something new, but the food isn’t all that great. The line is always long, and the food portions are too small.”

Dylan Tolley, an RU senior said “It is very impressive and it is nice to have a variety of different food on campus, I was impressed when I tried it.”

Unlike White and James, Tolley prefers Asian To Go instead of Austin Grill. “It was poorly operated, which resulted in the food not being very good. Its also a better fit because it is something different.”

Tolley said, “I usually get some sort of combination of fried rice and chicken. Every time I have been there the food has looked and tasted fresh.”

With all that being said there is still some room for improvement. Tolley also stated, “I would like to see more options for sizes. The only sizes that are offered are either too big or too small.”

Just like White and James, he said he would like to see a Chipotle in the future. “I would also like to see something healthier like Jamba Juice on campus, possibly in the new gym.”

As of right now Dalton To Go, and Asian To Go are hot commodities. Hopefully things can stay steady as well as make some improvements. If not, maybe a Chipotle could make an appearance in the future.