The Nan Lacy Poetry Chapbook Contest and Thomas Coleman Undergraduate Writing Contest Begin

2 min read There are two upcoming writing contests that you can enter: Nan Lacy Poetry Chapbook Contest and the Thomas Coleman Undergraduate Writing Contest.


By Evan Mason |

If you are interested in writing stories or poetry at Radford University, there are two upcoming contests that you can enter!

The first contest is the Nan Lacy Poetry Chapbook Contest which will have two awards in both graduate and undergraduate categories. First and second place winners receive a monetary award and will read during the Coleman Awards.


Submit three copies of copy-edited chapbooks of ten pages. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will be eliminated.

  1. Chapbooks must be contained in a simple pouched folder of some kind.
  2. Include a title page with chapbook’s name; ten consecutively numbered
    pages; use Times New Roman font at ten or twelve point;
    No bold, italics unless necessitated by grammar; title each poem. Two short
    poems per page or one longer per page. Use judgment here.
  3. Include a separate sheet with the name of the manuscript, author’s name, author’s
    address, author’s student number, author’s phone and email.
  4. Indicate on separate sheet (above) status of graduate or undergraduate
  5. Retain a copy of the original disk for possible copy-editing.
  6. No manuscripts will be returned; late manuscripts not accepted.
  7. Winners ONLY will be notified after judging. No manuscripts returned.
  8. Submit to Louis Gallo by Mar. 31 at CHBS 4133.

The second contest is the Thomas Coleman Undergraduate Writing Contest.


  1. You can enter up to two poems and one short story.
  2. You must fill out an application form for each poem or short story. Applications can be picked up at CHBS 4134 at the door.
  3. You must staple your entry (without your name on it) to the application form and return to CHBS 4134 (slip it under the door to protect the student I.D. number).
  4. Submissions are due by 5:00 PM on April 5.

Winners will be announced April 12, and The Coleman and Nan Lacy Awards reading will be April 16, in Heth 022.