The Girl on the Train: Movie Review

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Hailey Wilt

Radford University was taken to the wrong side of the tracks with its showing of the R-rated motion picture The Girl on the Train.  Released in the United States on Oct. 7, 2016, it was met with $24,536,265 in its opening weekend. The gross income of the film worldwide rounded up to $172,023,948 by Dec. 21, 2016, which was astonishing considering the $45,000,000 estimated budget to create the film. The movie follows the story of Rachel Watson, a recently divorced woman whose life was sent through hell after becoming trapped in a missing person’s investigation.

The film is based on the “thriller that shocked the world,” a novel of the same title as the film, written by Paula Hawkins. Starring Emily Blunt as Rachel Watson, she finds herself tormented every time she passes by her old home, on the train to New York. Trying to numb the pain she then becomes enraptured by the couple several doors down as she watches them. Upon observing the couple, Megan played by Haley Bennett and Scott portrayed by Luke Evans, Rachel creates a story of their happy life together.

One evening the train passes by, and Rachel is enraged by something she sees outside of the train. Waking up the next morning with no memories of the previous night, she soon finds out that the woman she had been watching had gone missing. After a slight mental breakdown, Rachel places herself into the investigation in hopes of finding Megan and to return her to her seemingly happy life. After placing herself into the investigation, she begins to uproot the dark past of her previous marriage and begin to question the motives of her ex-husband, Tom.

As the film progresses, filmgoers experience many twists and turns as to where Megan could be, and who was behind her abrupt disappearance. Several events in the film lead to our realization that Megan and Scott’s marriage was not as perfect a Rachel had dreamed it was. Megan turned out to be the nanny of Rachel’s ex-husband. Turning into quite the adulterer, Megan had been seen with many of the men around town. Learning this fact about Megan’s personal life leads to our opinion as to who would have wanted her gone. This brings us to Tom, Rachel’s ex-husband, who could have possibly tried to start an affair that went horribly wrong. Another possibility was Rachel herself. Rachel went out with drinks to confront Megan and woke up the next morning in a blur. It could have been just as simple as Rachel killing Megan out of jealousy. The thriller speaks volume about love, mystery, and loss as viewers are left at the climax of the film wondering what the next clue will bring. What you see can hurt you, sometimes even landing you in the middle of a horrific tale. 3/5.

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