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On Jan. 26th through the 29th Radford University’s very own R-SPaCE welcomed The Conjuring 2 to the Hulburt Student Center’s auditorium. This movie served as a sequel to the infamous 2013 movie The Conjuring. The basic premise of the film being that it is the year 1977, our favorite paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren hear word of poltergeist activity taking place in Enfield, London. Upon their arrival, they come along Mrs. Hodgson who is a single mother of four children, who tell the Warren’s that there is evil within the home.

The youngest daughter, Janet, is the one child who has the most demonic occurrences throughout the film, and it comes to a head when it threatens her life. Though you are watching the film in the safety of Radford, Virginia the story of the Enfield poltergeist is a true story. There have been countless investigations of the event, but it all began on August 30, 1977 in which a crash came from upstairs, Mrs. Hodgson went upstairs only to find true horror. The drawers of a chest had been pulled out and shaking upon her entrance to the room, the chest moved across the floor towards the door as if something was trying to trap them there.

After calling the police, there were unseen forces that propelled the police into running away and stating it was indeed not a matter for the police force. Following the lack of police assistance, they had called photographer Graham Morris who captured some of the most haunting images of Janet, the youngest daughter, flying across the room. With the events happening within the household more investigations progressed and things got worse, thus labeling the house by the term ‘Enfield Haunting’.

The house is said to remain haunted to this day, but the movie doesn’t just involve the poltergeist at Enfield, it also holds onto the Warren’s own personal demons they possess in their home. There is the spirit of the nun that terrorizes their family and mostly Lorraine’s dreams and visions. Both the first and second Conjuring films touch on to the demonic nature of the nun, and it has still yet to be fully discussed as to why she terrorizes the Warren’s. To the audience there were moments of pure fear as I watched students jump and scream at the climax of the film, it was not nearly as fearful as the first Conjuring film, but the reality of its true events made it send a chill down your spine. Personally, the film holds a rating of 4/5, I highly enjoyed the plot and the acting.

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