The Color Me Rad Experience

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Picture this Radford: clouds of blue, green, pink and yellow smoke with people cheering and dancing all around you with party music in the background.  This was the first glimpse I got of the Color Me Rad 5k that came to town this past Sunday, October 20.

Rewind to a couple weeks ago, my roommates were bugging me to join them in this 5k and I was skeptical, mainly because I have ever only ran on the treadmill a couple miles at a time.  They, Jessie and Madi, both reassured me that this would be the easiest 5k I would run in my life as well as having a blast at the same time.  I decided why not, the worst that would happen is that I would be covered in colored cornstarch and making them wait on me to move on to the next color station.

Finally, the day was upon us to take on the Color Me Rad 5k and we were ready.  Mind you, I had not put in any more preparation or effort into the gym than my usual workouts.  As I stood there listening to the count down from 10 for my turn to run I knew this was going to be an awesome first 5k experience.

For those of you that do not know, a 5k is a solid 3.2 miles, with Color Me Rad having six color stations of blue, purple, green, orange, and yellow.  There were people of all ages from little toddlers to our parent’s age running and/or walking Color Me Rad.  When you completed the run the workers handed you yet another color pouch to POP! with everyone else in a designated square that everyone was dancing and celebrating in.  After a quick countdown from 10 there was a gigantic cloud of colors that was impossible to see through for a good 20 seconds.

Virginia Tech senior, Emily Miller had such a great time at last year’s Color Me Rad run she decided to do it all over again.  I asked her if she had prepared for this 5k with any extra workouts and while giggling and shaking her heads she said a flat out, “No.”

Miller’s favorite experience from this year’s run is definitely a humorous story.

“My friend got his packet and pulled out the color pouch. While asking “What is this?” he squished it, making my other friend get a mouthful of purple cornstarch. Favorite part,” she said.

Another participant of this year’s Color Me Rad was Radford University senior Lauren Edmondson.

“I signed up for color me Rad because I have always wanted to do a color run 5k and I like to run 5ks,” Edmondson said.

Like Miller and I, Edmondson did not prepare any more than usual for this 5k,

“I didn’t prepare any extra because I haven’t had time and I was more excited for the color and social part of the run rather than the fitness part,” she said.

I think it is safe to say that I felt the same way as Edmondson with being more excited for the throwing of colored cornstarch at friends than the actual running part.

When asked what her favorite part of running Color Me Rad, Edmondson answered honestly.

“My favorite part was getting out and doing something apart from school work. I liked getting outside and being with friends,” Edmondson said.

In the end, this race was worth the $44 I spent for registration and extra merchandise I bought.  Color Me Rad was a great way to get outside for exercise and being with family and friends. Plus, it was a fun bonus to chuck color pouches at friends.