The best of the Marvel movies

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Alexis Gardner

The highly anticipated Marvel movie, “Deadpool”  just came out this past Friday, Feb. 12. I was lucky enough to be able to see it Thursday night at the Regal Cinema Theater in Christiansburg. It is a good thing I bought the tickets in advance and got there early because the theater got pretty crowded. I personally like it when there is a full house for a movie premiere because you can just feel the excitement oozing out of everyone’s pores.

I actually did not know that much about “Deadpool” before the movie came out. I really like Marvel movies, but Deadpool’s character was fairly new to me. Luckily, I have friends who know way more about Marvel than me, so I had them to rely on for basic information I needed to know before watching the movie.

In honor of the premiere of “Deadpool,” I decided to do a compilation of my top five favorite Marvel movies and why they are the best. The list is comprised of “Thor,” “Iron Man,” “Spider-Man” (with Tobey McGuire), “The Avengers” (including “Age of Ultron” because that one was just amazing), and “Deadpool.” I know some are probably missing from the list that people insist are must haves like “X-Men,” “Captain America,” or “Guardians of the Galaxy,” but these are just my personal favorites.

So my all-time favorite Marvel movie is “Thor.” Can we just take one second to appreciate Chris Hemsworth and all of his beautifulness? Him and his brother, Liam Hemsworth, are just gorgeous. I prefer Chris though, and he partly has something to do with why “Thor” is my favorite Marvel movie. Aside from the attractiveness of Chris Hemsworth, I thought that “Thor” was really exciting to watch and I can watch it every time and still be entertained. One of the funny moments in the movie in my opinion was when he was in the coffee shop with Jane and Darcy and he drinks coffee for the first time. The coffee was so good that he threw the cup on the ground, breaking it, demanding another one.

Another funny moment was when he walked into the pet store asking for a horse – that was actually hilarious. Like who goes into a pet store saying, “I need a horse!” Other than those funny moments there was also some really good action scenes. Those reasons and a few more are why “Thor” is my all-time favorite Marvel movie.

Coming in a close second place to “Thor” is “The Avengers,” and also “The Avengers Age of Ultron” (and yes I am counting those as one movie even though they are clearly two). Both of these movies had the perfect combination of action and comedy. “The Avengers” was also the first movie to have Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the Hulk all together in one movie. Sadly for me, Thor (and the Hulk) probably will not be in any more Avenger movies after “Age of Ultron.” Either way, these two movies were amazing and one (two) of my favorites. The best scene in “The Avengers” to me was when the Hulk picked up Loki, smashed him into the ground about four or five times and then referred to him as a “puny god.” Classic. Then there was that epic scene in “Age of Ultron” between the Hulk and Iron Man. Another classic.

My third favorite Marvel movie is “Iron Man.” The action scenes in this movie were just great and of course, Tony Stark is hilarious. Also, am I the only one who thinks that the relationship Stark has with Jarvis is so cute? And their conversations are pretty funny sometimes too. I also find it pretty amazing how Stark made that first suit in a cave – you have to have skills to do that. Even though Stark is a fictional character, I am super jealous of the cars he has, but then again he is a billionaire.

The early 2000s “Spider-Man” comes in fourth place and I feel like it is underrated and people forget about it. Or they just think the movie is really bad… Although Andrew Garfield is super cute and plays his role really well in the “Amazing Spider-Man,” the original cannot be beat. The action scenes were not all that great, but the movie itself was good and I enjoy watching it.

Okay so “Deadpool” was amazing. I am probably going to have to do some rearranging in the order of my favorite Marvel movies because it is definitely not my fifth favorite movie. I promise you there was not five minutes that went by without the theater cracking up with laughter. Actually within the first five seconds of the movie starting, the laughter began. And talk about breaking the fourth wall! You just have to see it, especially if you are a Marvel fan. But do not, do not bring any small children. Other than that, enjoy laughing for approximately 95 minutes (the movie is 108 minutes), because you are definitely going to be doing a lot of it. So I suggest you stop reading this and go see “Deadpool” right now. Seriously!