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The Beehive has been a Student Media staple for Radford University for many years now. The University publishes the yearbook each semester and each publication covers the main, hard-hitting stories that directly affect the students and faculty around the campus and community.
The top stories in this edition were the Trump Rally, coverage of President Kyle leaving as well as student profiles and even an exclusive interview with famous Radford Alumni Kiera Cass.
The Trump Rally, which was one of the biggest events on campus all year, has a significant spread in this semester’s publication. Within the article, amazing pictures are depicting the rally from a student’s point of view, which is quite unique. As many of the students know, there were multiple protestors kicked out of the rally as well as protestors lining the streets and converging outside the Dedmon Center. This article has great insights about the students and how we all handled being in the eye of the media.
Another great article is the coverage of President Kyle stepping down from her presidency, and how Dr. Brian Hemphill will become the new president on July 1, 2016. The article talks about the major achievements that President Kyle has done around campus over the past ten years, such as; Covington, the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences as well as the Center for The Sciences. It is fascinating to read all that she has accomplished as well as what Dr. Hemphill plans for the upcoming years.
One of my favorite articles in this publication was the interview with Radford Alumni Kiera Cass, who has been on the top of the New York Times bestsellers list. Cass graduated in December of 2003 with her B.S in History. The Christiansburg native went on to write multiple best-selling book series such as The Selection. As a fellow book lover, I love this interview.
As for the staff of The Beehive, the Editor-in-Chief, Halle Edwards allowed me to ask her some questions about her time working for Student Media and how she feels about the newest publication. Halle is a current senior, graduating in only two more weeks. After graduation, she is going to West Virginia University to get her PH.D. in Analytical Chemistry. While Student Media may not seem to coincide with a Chemistry degree, she disagrees. “If you think Student Media is out of your range or does not directly correlate with your major, you are wrong. A leadership position in media will help you gain professionalism that is necessary for the workplace that no classroom can teach you.”
Her freshman year, she was on staff as a graphic designer and her sophomore year were promoted to EIC. Halle stated that she has been a part of eight publications, and it is very close to her heart. Each year, there is an unspoken theme in each release and this year was “It is all about Heart” so this semester Halle wanted to have articles that showed students passions and what they enjoyed. She has one piece of advice for future staff: Have fun.
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