The Addams Family – A Movie Review


By: Sarah Steffey |

The hit Halloween movie The Addams Family, originally released in 1991, has been remade into an animated children’s film, but the remake does not do the original any justice. Fans of the original who religiously watch it every year will forget about the new one very quickly.

The movie stars Oscar IsaacCharlize Theron, and Bette Midler as voices of the main characters.

Parts of the animation don’t even do the original characters justice. The new adaptation portrays Gomez as short and fat, yet in the original film, he is just an average size man. If a classic movie is going to be remade, at least make the characters look the same.

The most disappointing part of the movie was that it didn’t even follow the original storyline. In the 1991 version of The Addams Family, the main plot was that they were trying to find uncle Fester. The entire movie revolved around uncle Fester. In the new version, uncle Fester just appears with no backstory and is barely referenced.

The plot begins with Morticia and Gomez getting married. The community shuns them, and they decide to leave the town. They end up finding the classic mansion that they live in for the rest of their lives. It then fast forwards 13 years to when they have two kids, Wednesday and Pugsley. 

The remainder of the plot is split up into several different stories that don’t flow together well. For example, it will skip from Wednesday wanting to go to public school to an interior designer wanting to fix-up the Addams’ house. It was choppy and hard to follow at times.

Another disappointing difference from the original is that the Addams family knew what type of people were out in the community, but decided to accept it and stay to themselves. In this version, Wednesday is hugely interested in what is beyond the gate of their house, because Morticia is hiding both kids from reality. Neither of the kids is aware that there is an entire town surrounding them.

Towards the end of the movie, the extended Addams family shows up, which makes the interior designer worry because it will hurt her image. She has the town turn against the entire family, which results in a fight.

The music is also poorly chosen. There were several up-beat songs throughout the movie, which defeated the purpose of the Addams family being creepy and weird.

Throughout the movie, several jokes try to help lighten the mood. All of them are poorly placed and extremely predictable.

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The Verdict:
  • 4/10
    The Addams Family - 4/10

Definitely Not Creepy or Kooky!

Overall, this movie shouldn’t even be connected to the classic. It was extremely disappointing, and I would not recommend going to see it.