Thanksgiving Break: Yay or Nay?

Here at Radford, there seems to be some mixed feelings about the week-long break for Thanksgiving.

Photo credits to Pro Church Media | Unsplash

By Rosina Andrix ’24 |

Thanksgiving break is coming up soon. Normally, this break is one to look forward to for many university students.

However, here at Radford, there seems to be some mixed feelings about the week-long break. Thanksgiving break is meant to be a de-stresser for students and a way to recharge for the last two weeks of school and finals.

Freshman Darian Garland looks forward to the breaks, saying “I like having a bit of time to relax.”

Freshman Ashley Jennings agrees with Garland, adding that she likes to relax “with family because some people don’t get to go home at all and that’s their one chance to (see them).”

On the other side of the coin, students argue that there is no point in taking a whole week off of school, only to return for such a short period.

Students also argue that it is tough to get back into an educational mindset after a week away.

“I think it should be a two-month-long break, so I think the school year should end there. I think it’s too hard to get back into it, and I don’t think there’s any point in going back home for a week and then coming back (to school) for a week and a half and then leaving again (for home)” says Senior Jonathan Infantolino.

Does Radford need to reevaluate its break system or should we leave things as they are? What do you, the students of Radford, think about this debate?