Teen Flicks to Watch This Fall

3 min read Fall is coming whether we like it or not. The year is winding down and so should we. Luckily Netflix always has our back with some must-see original content.


By Morgan Hutcheson | mhutcheson@radford.edu

Fall is coming whether we like it or not. The year is winding down and so should we. Luckily Netflix always has our back with some must-see original content.

Netflix has been coming into its own recently. The network has produced several teen films that are reminiscent of the classics. While these films are far from Oscar-winning, I think it is fortunate to have movies that are capturing the essence of teen romance today.

The characters are cringe-worthy throughout, and the storylines are nothing short of implausible. All the while, you shall feel a sense of being a part of this upcoming teen era.

Films like The Breakfast Club and Heathers, even modern classics such as Mean Girls, are hard to compete with. However, with Molly Ringwald herself making appearances in these Netflix originals, the Queen of Teens is sealing her approval and allowing the millennial generation to take the throne.

Throw all your film snobbery out of the window to enjoy these films. Sometimes it is okay to let yourself be subject to a bad movie and admit you enjoyed every minute.

The Kissing Booth

This movie got the ball rolling for Netflix and sparked the movement we are seeing on the service today. At the time of its release, it was the fourth most popular movie on IMDB behind only this year’s main events, Deadpool 2, Avengers: Infinity War and Solo.

While the film has been trashed by critics, this film has already blossomed into a cult classic. The film is nothing short of predictable and follows all the classic tropes of a teen movie.

At least they are giving the audience what they want.

Sierra Burgess is a Loser

Striking red hair and freckles, lead-actor Shannon Purser is the Molly Ringwald for millennials.

The film of a marching-band teen brings us back to the characters of Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink. Pair this with Tumblr sensation Noah Centineo, who is currently stealing the hearts of millions and the teen heartthrob helm from Chad Michael Murray.

This film has a retro gloss. Its ending reaches an 80s-style climax, and you have yourself a teen classic.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This film may be the best of an okay bunch. John Hughes would be a fan. There is a solid effort to depict young adults’ wobbly attempts at romance.

The film portrays rather well the over-sexualized and media-saturated modern world that this generation is battling through. Especially when it comes to a 16-year old’s awkward attempts at dating.

Most teens do not flock to the cinema anymore. This generation is enjoying the simple pleasures of the small screen. The marketing of movies and its stars has become all too easy.

The new teen film era sees stars propel into stardom overnight. These kids do not go out and grab the latest angsty magazine, a glossy issue with Lindsay Lohan or Alicia Silverstone slapped on the cover. Social media allows instant access to these stars, some of which are now enjoying real-life romances for all to see online.

Teens take to social media to do Netflix’s advertising. Whether it’s tweeting out to friends about this ‘totally insane’ new flick or starting up a worrisome amount of fan pages to deluge Instagram with.

With so many teens abandoning films for binge-watching TV-shows, perhaps filling this pop culture void will bring back the kids love of movies with a boom-box.

These films are here to stay, even if you didn’t enjoy them. Netflix has sparked this teen comedy movement, a nostalgia-evoking homage to the classics we all grew up with. Hollywood has left us begging for teen films, Netflix has resurrected the genre.

Photo Credit: (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before | Netflix)