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Technology and social media: The effects it has on Radford University students

Maggie Brown

Technology is a great help to everyone today, including students at Radford University. It makes life easier, helps individuals be more successful, and it helps students with their studies. However, it can get in the way just as easy as it can help you. Technology has opened up so many doors in the world, including the world of social media. Just a walk around campus or into a classroom, you can see students on their new smartphones looking at many time-consuming apps that we cannot. As a fellow student, I feel that technology has become a major distraction to my studies. One example of this would be in the classroom when a person in front of me is on Facebook on their laptop instead of taking notes; it distracts me from learning because I become more focused on the laptop rather than the lecture. Another way I feel distracted by technology while learning is when I get a text message or a notification on my phone. I feel like I must look at it instead of paying attention to what I am doing.

Not only is technology and social media a distraction in the classroom, but it can also be a major distraction to everyday life activities. A person can be so distracted by what other people are posting they exclude themselves from conversations with family or friends. They could also miss out on cool activities, like going outside for a hike for some fresh air. Being a part of the outdoor recreation, parks, and tourism major, I know how important it is for a person to have social interaction and to get fresh air.

Andrew Sanchez, a junior here at Radford University said, “I think that social media helps the student stay safe by being notified of what is going on in their environment. However, phones, in general, can get in the way of being personal with someone.”

Brooke Shamblin, a freshman at Radford University, shared her thoughts on the topic as well. She said, “I feel that students are completely consumed in technology that they do not pay attention to their surroundings. It is almost like they are slaves to their phones. I feel like technology, and social media distracts the student because they cannot focus on schoolwork if they are on their phones. I feel that they are not as productive.”

Technology is innovative, entertaining, and helpful to all user. However, there should be a time where we put our phones and laptops up for a bit and simply enjoy the company of other people.


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