Tattoos for expression


In this day and age, it is known that tattoos are an extremely popular topic. Something about these permanent markings on our bodies just drives us crazy and makes us willing to drop hundreds of dollars for a picture. It’s obvious why this is. Tattoos are an artful way of expressing our personalities and interests, honoring someone we care about, or frankly making us look like cool and tough, right?
I recently got some inking myself, and while I was talking to one particular artist, the topic of strange and ridiculous tattoos came up. I happen to be a supporter of tattoos with some kind of meaning, and meaning will differ from person to person. But I also feel that there are a few lines that we must not cross.
According to New York Daily News, not long ago, a woman named Lesya Toumaniantz allowed her new boyfriend of less than 24 hours, whom she met on the Internet, to tattoo his name across her face in huge gothic letters. Now folks, this is a good example of what I’d call “dead-cats-in-the-freezer-crazy.” However, the point is still relevant.
Some people get tattoos when they really shouldn’t, and in this case, being head-over-heels in love with your online date one night is one of those times. If you are really in love, then I’m sure you can wait at least more than 24 hours to get your “love’s” name tattooed on your body. Preferably, a few years or even never. Just a small suggestion.
Another great example of pure ignorance in ink can be found in a recording from the Ellen DeGeneres show, where Ellen introduces us to some of the most hilariously misspelled tattoos of all time. A notable one was where a man, intending to honor his daughter, got “Sweet Pee” tattooed on him.
In case you didn’t catch that, he is now advertising sweet urine. I’m not sure that’s exactly getting the intended message across. In this case, I blame the tattoo artist for not having any clue how to spell, but I suppose that’s just the grammar Nazi in me.
I’ve seen pictures of tattoos online that may have been good in concept, but in theory have turned out horribly, miserably wrong.
I encountered one portrait of a woman’s daughter, or what was intended to be that. What it resembled more to me was Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist. In this case, perhaps a better artist should have been employed for this task. This is one of those times when financially cheap isn’t a good idea. But no matter how unskilled your artist was, that tattoo is always going to look bad on you, and you don’t want to make children cry when they see your “portrait.”
Whether a person is crazy in love or just plain crazy, they should not in good conscience be allowed to put permanent markings of pure stupidity on their bodies. Readers, I beg of you. If you are planning on getting a tattoo, first, think about it.
Do you have a reason for getting it? If your answer is “I love him!” or “Oh my God it’ll be so cute” or even “It’ll make me look cool,” then my answer is no. Second, if your tattoo is made up of words, are they spelled correctly? I know this is tough for some people, but you can always consult your friendly neighborhood English major.
Finally, get other opinions. If your best friend advises you with the statement “Please, for the love of God, don’t,” then you probably shouldn’t. However, if you go through this entire process and still feel strongly about inking, I say go for it. Enjoy your tattoo, which I hope will be both beautiful and meaningful to you.

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