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In last week’s issue of The Tartan, we were addressed with the concern that our Oct. 31 Our Opinion article on Halloween attire was sexist and insensitive to both men and women. Our objective for Insights, as a student-run newspaper, is to allow students to freely express their views and opinions.

Those views and opinions of the students who write for Insights do not, as stated in the Insights section, necessarily reflect those of The Tartan itself. As much as we do understand that these words can be taken differently and in a negative light, not only are they the views of purely the writer, but they are also taken in wrong context from what might have been previously thought.

Some may see these words as extremely offensive however; in this case, we did not see words such as “slut” and “knockers” to be offensive at all. For many, most students and our society today use these words interchangeably and openly as casual connotations.  If you walk around campus some days, you hear even friends calling each other sluts or even the word “knockers” being used as a slang term in a joking manner.

The Halloween article was never meant to offend or to encourage any activity leading to harm or rape of any female out at night during Halloween dressed in their costume.

The article was merely an opinion given by the staff who felt that each year costumes get smaller and smaller on females as well as point out the lack of originality in outfits, if females do choose to go in the direction to show more skin or to accentuate their figures with a different type of costume.

In this case, this article has done nothing but state an opinion, and unfortunately, not everyone may agree with that opinion. As a newspaper, it is our job to make sure that if there is an opinion, it is allowed to be expressed and heard. Everything written and posted by The Tartan is mostly written by the students. This is a student-run newspaper-by the students, for the students.

If you would like to send a letter to the editor please follow this link and fill out the forum that follows, thank you.

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