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Matt Lauer fired from the Today show

Savannah Roberson |

Former news anchor, Matt Lauer, has been fired from his position at the widely known NBC morning organization, ‘The Today Show,’ for alleged cases of sexual misconduct. For most, it is hard to think of the show without immediately picturing Matt Lauer. After joining ‘The Today Show’ full-time in 1994, he has been one of the most prominently recognizable journalists and anchors on TV, from his various hosting and co-hosting pursuits to his shorter segments, such as the widely known ‘Where in the World is Matt Lauer?’ in which he participated in a yearly global adventure spanning the world. When looking at his expansive career, it is undeniable that for decades, Lauer has been a friendly face recognizable by nearly all Americans, which perhaps makes the recent allegations against him even more surprising.


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